Sunday, June 03, 2007

sunday quotes

some funny things we've heard this sunny sunday:
  • this morning nani was telling on her sister and i said, "nani are you tattling on your sister?" there was a long confused pause then we hear lala say, "no mommie! she's not tumbling on me!"
  • on fast sunday it is a tradition in our family for mitch to make breakfast for dinner. the girls favorite thing to have are sticky buns (aka: monkey bread, pull-apart rolls). as we were eating them today we heard a very profound observation from lala. very excitedly she said, "i know why they are called sticky buns!! because they are sticky. and they are buns!" she was so proud of herself!
  • today during sacrament meeting nani was having a difficult time being happy, so she was laying on the floor whining. with a very self serving grin on her face lala whispers in my ear, "only girls that don't whine get sticky buns for dinner!"
  • mitch and i are in the bonus room right now and the girls are in the guest bedroom. we just heard a very worried shout from lala, "husband!! where are you?" apparently they are playing husband and wife. as explained by the girls, lala is the wife because 1) she is wearing the dress, 2) she has longer hair and 3) she is shorter. we are just happy they are playing well together! :0)

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