Monday, June 11, 2007

chocolate papaya heaven

i just got back from my first ever chocolate papaya mud wrap! what is that, you might say? well, let me tell you it is heavenly! i looked like and smelled like a human brownie tonight! here is what i spent my night doing:

i get into my own private little room at the spa and i strip down to my bare nudies and climb under a towel. then erika, my personal chocolate papaya mud wrapper, spreads mud infused with papaya and chocolate all over my body. then, as she asks, "you're not claustrophobic are you?" she wraps me up like a butterfly in a cacoon. as i lay there, listening to sounds of nature and feeling my body get all warm an toasty, she massages my scalp and face for about 20 minutes. by this time i am feeling like a warm, chocolate noodle getting baked in the oven. i seriously smell like a freshly baked brownie, no joke!!

next, she takes me into this amazing shower with 5 different kinds of shower heads (there was a waterfall faucet thingy, a rainshower and three others shooting out at me) and asks me to rinse off. i've decided that in our next home i want a shower like this!! i then go back into my spa room where she massages shea butter into my skin to "replace the moisture".

talk about calgon taking me away!! wow! to finish it off they had a dark chocolate truffle waiting for me when i was done! i know who's sleeping well tonight!!

sweet dreams!


Bridget said...

AHHHH! That sounds divine. Thanks for the description. Do you smell like chocolate and papaya now?

Riley and Jeremy said...

I was wondering the same thing? So do ya? spa treatment is the best!

Mandy said...

That does sound DIVINE!! I have to say I am very jealous. Where did you get it done at? Sign me up!!

Anonymous said...