Wednesday, August 25, 2010

oh boy! oh boy!


nameeditwell, he’s pretty excited about he and his brother joining our family! he’s given us the thumbs up!


nameeditbabya  nameeditbabyb

both ultrasound techs repeatedly said, along with the doctor, at 16 weeks and 20 weeks,

“oh wow! there is NO question! they are definitely

BOYS!  oh yeah, no doubt!”

i would say so!! they look NOTHING like girls, and we know girls!!


we have waited so long for these boys to come to our family! we are beyond excited! my dad has told us that these boys are going to bring balance to our family. balance is good!


all i can say is “oh boy, oh boy!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one more

well, like i said i would be doing one more curly post on my blog for the oldest daughter. friday night we curled her all up for her trial run and i must say it was a good thing we did a trial run!


her hair is so long so we weren’t sure how well it would take to the curl, so we decided to do the two middle sized curlers (out of 4 sizes). we thought that because there would be so much hair on each curler, due to her length, that the curls wouldn’t be quite as tight.


nani in the a.m.

we were wrong!


we were completely shocked at how curly and how short her hair got when we took out the curlers. it reminded me of the first curl job we did, a bit like orphan annie with a color treatment!


it was cute to see nani walk around after we got all the curlers out because she walked with a bounce to her step. she liked the way her hair bounced and boing-ed!

nani3 the bangs turned out lovely, don’t you think? look at that curly-Q!

hey can you tell they are sisters? theirs quite a resemblance, don’t you think?

kawenacurlyfront   nani3

in the end we decided that a pony would be the best option for the day!


next time we will definitely do the two LARGEST sizes for her hair. i’m sure it will turn out a lot better, but that is what trial runs are for!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

watch me grow

with this pregnancy i am fascinated by how rapidly my belly has been growing and i wish i could make it stop! already i am way-hey bigger than i was with my other pregnancies, obviously, because there are two babies sharing the space. but seriously i can’t imagine my belly stretching THAT far to accommodate them! i already feel like i want to burst!


i am 21 weeks this past wednesday.  with each of my other four pregnancies this is around the time when i started telling people that i was pregnant. in the past, i have been pretty small as far as pregnant bellies go, so at 21 weeks no one could tell yet that i was pregnant, but i was to the point that it would become obvious very soon! i was able to announce that i was pregnant along with the gender of the baby.


actually, with noelani, since she was our first pregnancy i was just so excited to be pregnant that i told my mom the minute i got a positive pregnancy test. with kale’a we decided not to tell anyone for as long as we could get away with it. i liked it that way because the pregnancy seemed shorter without people constantly asking me how i was feeling, etc. i didn’t get sick, so that wasn’t a pregnancy give away, either! when others didn’t know i didn’t feel as pregnant. it was also fun that no one knew.


so, with kawena and mahea i opted to kept it a secret until we could announce the sex at the same time, though we didn’t actually announce mahea was another girl until about a month before she was born.


well, as you can see with these pictures, not telling until i was 21 weeks was NOT an option!

17w   4d bellyR  19wksbelly  21wks

17 weeks + 4 days                            19 weeks                                     21 weeks


because i am feeling so big i was curious to see how i compared to my last pregnancy picture that i took with mahea. so, here i am at 21 weeks this pregnancy and 34 weeks with mahea (she was born only 4 weeks after this was taken at 38 weeks):

21wks    bellyhug_thumb[2]

wow! not much of a difference, and considering there is 13 weeks growth between the 1st picture and the 2nd, i am in trouble. oh man! my poor, poor belly!


so there you have it. the latest pregnancy belly update. i am almost to 5 months now, only 4 more, hopefully less, to go!

Friday, August 20, 2010

that’s more like it


here we go again!


when kale’a got home from school yesterday and saw her sister all curled up, she decided she didn’t want to wait for the weekend to do a “trial run” on her curls. she wanted her hair curly for school today!


so, being the fabulous mom that i am (right!) i told her i would do it IF she ate her dinner quickly (something that she rarely does), bathed and washed her hair before 7:00 pm. i wasn’t going to have her go to bed late just so i could curl her hair (i cherish MY TIME after the girls are all tucked in bed too much to let that happen!!). well, she BARELY made it in time.


after the results from yesterday’s curls, we decided to use only the pink curlers, they are the largest size, and if we HAD to we could use the next size down to finish the bottom of her hair. i think we only had to use a few smaller ones underneath.


i had to get her up earlier than normal so we would have time to get all of the curlers out and not make us late for school. this is what she looked like this morning:

kale'amorning this picture cracks me up when i see the look on her face! total “morning kale’a”, sleepy eyes and blank stare, with drooping curlers to finish the look!


as soon as i took the first curler out i knew that this was going to turn out much better, or should i say, more like i had pictured in my minds eye!kale'a1

nice loose curls!


this is what i had envisioned kawena’s hair looking like yesterday. i was happy that kale’a’s turned out.  i would say that kale’a was happy with it, too!



i thought she looked so cute headed off to school with a head of bouncy curls!



tonight i will set my hand to the curlers one more time this week for the oldest daughter! so be forewarned, there will be one more curly post because we have to give equal time to the girls on the blog, or i have to at least try!


i promise i am NOT turning into a “hair blog”!  i am WAY under qualified, for sure!  like i’ve said before, i should have been a boy mom, if for the soul reason of my lack of hair skills! seriously!


p.s. kawena’s curls are looking adorable today now that they’ve had time to settle down! ;0)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

does this bring back memories?!


it does for me! how many of you slept in these foam rollers when you were a little girl? i know i did, but all of mine were pink and the same size.


i mentioned the rollers to the girls a couple of weeks ago and ever since then kale’a has been asking me, “did you get the curlers yet?” kale’a was the most excited about trying out the curlers because almost every sunday when i ask her how she wants her hair fixed for church she asks, “can you curl it?” the answer is always no because we are usually rushing to get out the door at that point so we’re not late for church. having to fix 4 little girls hair doesn’t help us get to church early!


i finally remembered to get the rollers the last time i was at the store. the girls and i decided to let kawena be the guinea pig since we were not sure how it would turn out and she’s not in school, yet. so, last night after her bath we went to work on her hair.



here she is all ready for bed. seeing the baby like this makes me want to reach into the picture and push her hair out of her face! drives me crazy!


i asked her if she thought she could sleep with the curlers in her hair and she said, “let me see.” she climbed into her bed, laid down and said, “oh these are so comfortable!” she didn’t complain once. i think she was just so excited about the whole thing to complain!


this morning she was pretty excited when she woke up.


can’t you tell?? look at that face! isn’t she a gem?! she was a little bit upset when she woke up because i was outside waiting for the two oldest to get picked up for school. kawena didn’t know where i was so she was sad. she refused to smile for the camera! i still think it’s pretty cute!


after breakfast we excitedly took the curlers out, not really sure what we would see.


these first ones made me a little nervous! way tighter than i had expected.



wow! not the wave that i was picturing in my mind! i’ll have to try the wider curlers the next time!



she was watching in a little hand mirror as i took the curlers out and she was giggling.


here she is getting her first glimpse of her whole head of curls once they are all out:


i think she is pleased with the way it looks! it’s a bit crazy in this picture. any time i tried to brush my fingers through it to somewhat style it she would pull away and say, “mom, stop! you’re going to ruin my curls!” honey, i don’t think they could get ruined, a little relaxing would do them some good!!



i think she is one happy customer! i think she looks adorable! and it seems to be mellowing slowly as the day goes on!


oh, and guess what movie she is going to watch today?


ANNIE, of course! she said, “i want to watch annie because i have curly hair just like hers, except not red!”


i think you are right on, chica!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

and they’re off!

kale'a1    nani2


today is the first day of school! nani is in fourth grade and kale’a is in first grade this year. we went yesterday to meet the teachers and we are all excited for this year of learning!


we got up nice and early to get the girls ready. they had already set out their clothes the night before and gotten their backpacks ready (unfortunately, they had to use their backpacks from last year because their new ones have not yet arrived from land’s end). all we had to do was get dressed, eat, fix hair, and lunches.


i have a wonderful set-up for getting the girls to school, as well as home from school. the school does not bus the kids like they did in oregon, but i have something even better! the bishop’s wife! the bishop and his family live just the block over from us and they have kids that go to the same school.  when mahea was born, erin volunteered to take my kids to school to help out, even though she had just had a baby a month before i had. she has been taking my kids ever since!


the girls love going with erin and her kids because they get to ride their bikes, walk, or on days when time is short erin will drive them. when i took the kids to school we always drove!


mitch got the girls bikes ready last night with air in the tires and bike locks in backpacks, so they were ready to head off when erin came to get them.

nani1    kale'a2




and here they go, riding off into the sunrise!


i’ve been looking forward to the beginning of school, not because i don’t enjoy having them around, they’ve actually been getting along so well the past several weeks, but because now i will be able to go shopping and run other errands in the morning or the middle of the day. you see, all summer i have NOT taken all the girls out to run errands. you just never know what kind of a scene we will cause when all of us are out. plus, with my ever increasing belly things are much easier with fewer kids. not to mention the looks i get with four kids and an obviously pregnant belly!!


in three weeks kawena will be starting preschool 3 days a week and i will be down to one child at home. wow! well, that will only be until december when i will be back to having three at home (did i mention that all three will be in diapers!??! yikes!), a thought that thrills me, not the diaper part, and scares me all at the same time!


enjoy school girls and be safe! mommy loves you!

Monday, August 02, 2010

summer rainstorm

we have been enjoying some great summer rainstorms the past couple of weeks! i love rainstorms in the desert because the rain comes down fast and hard. then it’s over almost as fast as it began! i love the huge raindrops and the smell of desert rain! it smells so good!


last week we were enjoying one such rainstorm and the girls ran to get their umbrellas as headed outside. once the rain started to subside they decided to blow bubbles. i remember as a kid making bubble cities in the bathtub and on the wet sidewalk, so i introduced the girls to the art of making bubble cities!



since it was still raining they got some rainwater and spread it on the ground under the covered porch out back. at first they discovered the the rain was blowing into their bubble cities and popping the bubbles. so, they decided to make a barrier out of their umbrellas.



once they blocked out the destroying rain, they were able to build their cities.


bubblecity         bubblecitykawena


they soon ran out of bubbles, but that did not stop them!



instead, they decided to make their very own bubbles! i love that our girls will find a solution when they are faced with a problem to solve! but what i love even more is when they work peacefully and happily together to solve it!

watergatherer        makingbubbles

teamworkkale’a caught the rainwater in the bucket while nani got the dish soap AND the hand soap (apparently, it only turns out right if you use a combination of both! who knew?) from inside the house. then, as nani poured the soap into the bucket kale’a stirred it all together. kawena would then take a sample and test it out. they continued this process until it was just right!! they made a great team!


it was so much fun to see the girls enjoying something that i enjoyed as a little girl! and i couldn’t resist taking pictures of this:

crack1       crack2

poor girl has no hips to keep her pants up!!