Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one more

well, like i said i would be doing one more curly post on my blog for the oldest daughter. friday night we curled her all up for her trial run and i must say it was a good thing we did a trial run!


her hair is so long so we weren’t sure how well it would take to the curl, so we decided to do the two middle sized curlers (out of 4 sizes). we thought that because there would be so much hair on each curler, due to her length, that the curls wouldn’t be quite as tight.


nani in the a.m.

we were wrong!


we were completely shocked at how curly and how short her hair got when we took out the curlers. it reminded me of the first curl job we did, a bit like orphan annie with a color treatment!


it was cute to see nani walk around after we got all the curlers out because she walked with a bounce to her step. she liked the way her hair bounced and boing-ed!

nani3 the bangs turned out lovely, don’t you think? look at that curly-Q!

hey can you tell they are sisters? theirs quite a resemblance, don’t you think?

kawenacurlyfront   nani3

in the end we decided that a pony would be the best option for the day!


next time we will definitely do the two LARGEST sizes for her hair. i’m sure it will turn out a lot better, but that is what trial runs are for!


Tonya said...

When I first saw your blog title the first thing that went through my head was, "oh my, they found a third baby in there!" Ha! Ha! I love all the curly hair-do's :) Nani's looks darling in a pony!

mahina said...


that is hilarious because on sunday mitch woke up and said that he had had a crazy dream that night. i asked him what it was and he said, "i dreamt that you were at an ultrasound and the nurse said, 'oh there was another one hiding back there' because she had found a third baby! lol! then he says, "i guess we're not done after this!" sorry charlie!

Tonya said...

That's so funny!

The even funnier thing is that my friend Alesha went in for an ultrasound and they told her she was having twins. At her next ultra sound they did find a third baby that had been hiding. She now has triplet girls that are 4 years old...and they are darling!!!

It could happen!!!

Darilyn said...

I love all of these curls. So fun.

Mandy said...

I lOVE that you are blogging again and A LOT!! I have wondered what happened to you!! Your girls are growing up so much and they are sooooo stinkin beautiful!!

tutu lady said...

Nani, lovely! Did you get comments from your friends? More curly pictures, please. Loves! Tutu