Saturday, March 24, 2012

week 6: feb 5 – feb 11 (project 365)

feb. 5 (sunday)


kawena loves to do “homework”.  she is in her second year of preschool and she looks forward to going to school everyday!  she is doing very well with her letters and numbers and sounds.  she has started sounding out words on her own.  she has such a strong desire to be able to read like her two older sisters!


i registered her for kindergarten at the girls school last month and she can’t wait!  in this picture she is doing exercises in a workbook that the school gave me upon registration.  i love the look of concentration on her face.  this is a very common sight… kawena sitting at the kitchen table, crayon box open, with a workbook of some sort or just a blank piece of paper.

feb. 6 (monday)


nani is in the gifted program in her school.  since moving from albuquerque, which had a pull-out gifted class twice a week, she has been in a full-time gifted class.  it has been a hard transition.  in albuquerque, her gifted class was her favorite day of school, she loved the fun projects they did and the ways that they had to think outside of the box.


here in chandler, it has been much different.  the teacher gives the class A LOT of homework.  they are do 6th and 7th grade work in all areas… she is only in 5th grade.  she is doing awesome and her grades are amazing, but she is stressed out most of the time.  she isn’t enjoying it as much as she did in her albuquerque school.  with the amount of work she is given she is usually up very late every night trying to get it all done! 


this was another “late capture”  photo.  mitch was up late helping nani with her reading work and i snapped this photo.


feb. 7  (tuesday)


this is our cute little maui boy.  this is the funny face he likes to make ALL THE TIME!!  he scrunches up his brow and pouts out his full lips!  it just makes us laugh.  this was after he made a mess of his oreo cookie after dinner! 


i just want to eat him up!!


feb 8 (wednesday)


our girls are creative.  nani likes to be creative with her “workspace”.  her she is doing her homework on the middle landing of the stairs sitting on a folded out futon chair.  :)


feb 9 (thursday)


the photo for today didn’t make the cut!  mitch saw it and said i couldn’t post it on the internet.  mae mae had been potty training, unsuccessfully.  she was sitting on the toilet completely naked and i grabbed my camera.  so, that is the photo that you will not see on this post!  :(


feb 10 (friday)


this picture makes me laugh!  mae mae with her messy hair, no clothes, and her blank stare!!  some days are just like that!  some days i just don’t get around to fixing her hair and even when i dress her she takes her clothes off!!  something’s i just have to let go!! obviously, on this day i did! :)


feb 11 (saturday)


nani made maui a little bed in the laundry basket this day!  as you can tell, he really quite liked it!!  she was pushing him around and hauling him all over the house!!


theses boys sure are spoiled with from their sisters!!