Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the new do, kawena style

this is what kawena looked like when she woke up this morning

beforelovely isn’t it??  love the look on her face!!


about 15 minutes after she woke up, kawena’s saving grace arrived in the form of our friend, cathy!  she arrived, scissors in hand, ready to salvage, and hopefully work a miracle, on our little girl’s butchered hair job from the night before.


here it is as it unfolded






kawena was very quiet the whole time cathy was cutting her hair.  it was pretty funny!



when cathy arrived she told us that we would be able to donate kawena’s hair to locks of love because it was that long!  i had no idea it was long enough!  so, that is nice to know that someone will enjoy kawena’s beautiful hair!


here she is showing off her locks

donation haircan you believe those “bangs”, if you can even really call them that?!  wow!!  that’s all i can say is, “wow”!  cathy told me, much to my relief, that bangs actually are the fastest growing part of your hair.  who knew??!  i sure didn’t, but i am glad to know it now!


after cathy left, kawena jumped in the bath to get all those itchy little hairs off of her, but really i just needed to see what i could do with it.  i needed to start with fresh, wet hair to try and style it because i wasn’t liking the above look!  i wanted to try and train the “bangs” to go to the side instead of straight down.  you know, to kind of hide the fact that she did it herself!!


this is what we got


from the sides




this is how short we had to go in the back to make it, somewhat, blend in with all the shortness in the front because, of course, she didn’t touch the back with the scissors.


she looks cute, right?  all except those “bangs”.  i will be so happy once those grow out, even just an inch will make a huge difference!!  she seems to like her new hairdo, although she told me tonight that she didn’t want anyone at school to see her hair tomorrow.  not much we can do about that, babe! i don’t know that she really feels that way because she just kind of giggled after that.


after about 30 minutes to an hour after she got out of the bath and once her hair dried, it was clear that i was going to have to do more than just comb it to the side to hide the bad bang job.  so, i dug deep into the back of my bathroom cupboards and came up with some “product”, i think it is hair paste, or something like that.  i am not much of a hair product type of person.  low maintenance is my kind of hairstyle!


so, i rubbed some of that pasty stuff into my hands and did my best to make her hair do what i wanted it to do.  i think it will take a little time, but i think her hair might cooperate if i train it to go to the side.


i think she will be wearing dresses more in the next several weeks.  she told mitch on the phone today that she had to wear dresses so she “wouldn’t look like a boy!”


i think she is pretty no matter what her hair looks like!


i just love this girl… every single inch of her!

Monday, May 09, 2011

WHY???… a bad mommie moment

tonight was not a good night!  i had one of my “bad mommie” moments!


let me explain…


as i was getting dinner ready tonight, our sweet kawena, who is 4, told me she had to go potty.  so, off she ran down the hall to the bathroom.  about five minutes later she slinked into the kitchen, sat down at the kitchen table and quickly hid behind the table.  as she did this i caught a quick glimpse of her hair and a little voice inside my head said, “something isn’t right!”


so, i said, “kawena, what did you do to your hair?!”  she didn’t budge.


“kawena, let me see your hair!!” she slowly raised her head above the table and that is when something snapped inside of me and that is when my “bad mommie” moment began!!


i began to yell, “what did you do to your hair??!  oh my gosh!  WHY did you do that??!!”


her very sad reply, through tears, was, “i don’t know?!!” then she broke down into sobs.


now, if i was a good mom at that moment, i would have realized that she needed me to take it down a notch (or 2 or 3) and comfort her, but like i said… “bad mommie” moment! 


i was in disbelief that she would take scissors to her hair in such a horrible way.  i just was so shocked that i just kept ranting about how horrible her hair looked and “why?  why would you do that?” and “now we have to chop it off”, etc. etc…


i feel so awful because that is not what she needed at the moment.


she ran off to her room and stayed there until dinner was ready.  it was good because it gave me time.  once i had calmed down and gotten over the shock of it all, i finally returned to my “good mom” self. 


i called her to dinner and she came to the table.  i could tell she was very upset about the whole thing and that she didn’t realize what she was doing when she cut her hair, she did know it would be so permanent!  i sat down next to kawena and held her as she cried into my chest. i told her that it was just hair and that it would grow back.  and she cried. we just sat there like that and she cried some more.  i took her into my lap and cuddled her close to me until her crying subsided.  i told her i was sorry that i yelled at her and told her that i should not have done that.


when jessie (our help for the night) came over, kawena hid under her blanket and said through her sobs, “i don’t want jessie to see it!”  it broke my little heart to hear my sweet kawena crying and so ashamed.


as the night went on we all got used to the new kawena.  things went on as usual, but every time i looked at her i just couldn’t believe she actually did that!!


i called a friend who said she would come over tomorrow morning to fix it.  we shall see what she can do with it…


just before bed she came to me and said, with a smile on her face, “my hair looks really bad!”  i simply said, “yes it does!”  and then she said, “but cathy will fix it tomorrow and then it will grow back out.”  i sadi, “that’s right!”  then she said, “i’m never going to do that again!” 


thank goodness for that!!


now, i know you are all dying to see the pictures so here you go…


what i found in the bathroom:




oh how i despise you, scissors!!  i knew i should have picked you up and put you away when i first saw you lying on the hall floor!


2011May09_0013such beautiful hair!  at least she cleaned up after she was done chopping!!


sad kawena2she was so sad!


left side


right side just last week i was commenting on how long and beautiful her hair had gotten!  it was so beautiful!  

sad kawenadon’t those sad puppy dog eyes just break your heart??  they do mine!


i really don’t know what can be done to salvage that haircut, it’s like a mullet gone bad!!  what am i saying… a mullet is bad!! 


we shall see what magic can be worked tomorrow morning!  stay tuned for the “new do”!  it’s a good thing she is such a pretty little thing… she’d probably look good bald… though i hope to never have to see her bald!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

future rock climber

this girl is a SERIOUS climber...

i know i have been neglecting this blog, but i am still here wanting to update, but these lovelies…


are keepin’ me busy!!


and these little fatty’s…



are already four months old!!  i know… where did the time go??  i still haven’t even written down their birth story.  i plan to do it, still, and hope to do it before they are walking!! ;o)


we did have their 4 month appointment this week so here are the stats:


















makaio (our reserved, mellow observer)

2 months: 10 pounds 3 ounces (10%), 22 inches (10%) head 15.25 in (20%)

4 months: 14 pounds (30%), 24 1/4 inches (25%) head 16 1/2 (30%)




















maui (our sometimes blue eyed, social charmer)

2 months: 10 pounds 9 ounces (20%), 21 3/4 inches (10%), head 15 in. (10%)

4 months: 15 pounds (50%), 24 1/2 inches (30%), head 16 1/4 in. (25%)


as you can tell, they are growing nicely!! they are both starting to smile and coo and laugh, which we all love!!


here are some more pictures to enjoy until next time… whenever that is:

boysandmaheamae mae lovin’ on her brothers!  maui looks a bit nervous!



kawena 4 1/2


mahea mae mae 2

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

snow day


we are on our second snow day, today!  in the past, or more specifically before the twins were born, i did not like snow days when school was cancelled.  however, things have changed!  now, i look forward to the days that the three oldest are home, for the simple fact that i have extra hands and helpers!


you see, having the twins, who are so dependent on others, and our high spirited 2 year old at home with just me brings it’s challenges!  i struggle on the days when the two oldest are at school all day and kawena is at preschool in the morning.  i cannot leave the boys where mae mae can reach them without me right there.  if i put them in their swings she likes to hang on the swing and put her face right in their faces.  if i put them on the ground or on the couch or even in their bouncy chairs, mae mae is on top of them giving them “love”.  she loves to poke their eyes or squeeze their heads or other “fun” things.


on those days, i have to get creative in figuring out how to keep the boys safe from their loving youngest sister.  much of the time, i have to lock them in my bedroom, hopefully asleep, so she doesn’t have access to them.


so, you can see why i LOVE snow days… all of my little helpers, so willing to be of service!  before we went from a family of 6 to a family of 8, snow days were an annoyance because it meant i had to change my plans.  i don’t have many plans these days, aside from staying at home and keeping the twins safe, so that isn’t a problem! :o)


so, we say… bring on the snow!!


it has been very cold outside!  in fact, it has become very obvious that this house is very old and needs new windows in a bad way! 


when there is frost on the inside of the window, you know you need new windows.  i can almost see the $$ seeping out and blowing away in the arctic wind.  at least the girls are making the best of it:


window art!  and one lucky person will get to clean the windows once it all melts away leaving cute, little, dirty hand prints! who will it be?  i have my suspicions, but i will keep it to myself! :o)


the cold didn’t, however, keep the girls from going out for a little snow fun in the backyard.  i believe it was somewhere around 8 degrees when they were outside.  i could only be out there for a few short minutes to capture these pictures and then i was back inside where it was toasty!




















the girls L.O.V.E. all of the icicles and we’ve got tons of them all around our house. 


all together… ready… one… two… three…






















yes, we are ALL enjoying our snow day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

she’s 2



mae mae, what can i say!  you are a joy!  you have an energy for life that i never knew existed in a two year old!  you’re a monkey and so full of energy!




many people have said about you that you are the happiest little girl.  i would have to agree!  you are quick to laugh and to find joy in the simplest things!


some of the things i love about you right now are:

  • you sleep in kawena’s radio flyer wagon
  • you don’t run, you gallop… like a horse
  • you are trying to speak, but much of what you say is very hard to decipher.  it is both cute and frustrating all at the same time
  • you laugh A LOT
  • your sisters absolutely adore you
  • you love your brothers


  • you get SUPER excited when your sisters get home from school and your daddy gets home from work and you scream with joy
  • you comfort your sisters when they are sad and crying with a hug
  • you are very sensitive to others emotions
  • you cried when we were watching the lamb of God movie when they killed Jesus
  • you are good at entertaining yourself when you have no sisters to play with
  • you are a very smart girl
  • when you scream because you are so happy and excited
  • you play so well with your sisters
  • you go to other people without a problem


some of the things that i could do without:

  • your amazing ability to climb… on EVERYTHING
  • finding you on the counters in the kitchen playing with the knives or getting into the candy
  • your love for playing in the bathroom
  • your laying on the boys or poking them in their eyes or shoving the pacifier in their mouth, etc….


  • you don’t nap (but i do make you have quiet time which you don’t like
  • your fun screaming fits
  • your inability to communicate what you need and want to us
  • you wake up way to early (one morning it was before 6 am, but usually it’s around 7)
  • your ability to make a mess of your food when you are done eating and start playing with your food



mae mae, you have added so much life and fun to our family!  we are so happy that you came to us and love every inch of you!  i can’t believe you are 2!!


happy birthday baby girl!  we love you so much!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

quotable quote #1


kawena and makaio


kawena has been having lots of potty accidents in the past few weeks. super frustrating!  mitch even put a diaper on her last night as a joke.  she didn’t think it was so funny!!  she took it off very quickly!


as she was going off to bed last night she said, very seriously, “i am following satan because i keep having accidents!”  hopefully, thinking that will help her STOP having accidents because i know she doesn’t want to follow satan! ;o)


another cute thing she was saying last night when her sister was getting in trouble was, “her heart feels sad!”  then she also said, “i need to go potty.  my heart feels happy because i am going potty in the toilet!”

i {heart} kawena!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a forgotten post

i just realized, in all of the craziness that has been our life these past months, that i never wished you a happy, merry christmas.


so, here is a belated christmas card for you, my friends:




i hope it was very merry, indeed!


p.s. i have decided that having a baby, or two for that matter, right before christmas is not ideal!  it kind of throws the whole “simplify for the holidays”  out the window! 


just in case you were wondering! ;o)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

while you were nursing…

having twins comes with its challenges…


need i say more??

Sunday, January 09, 2011




if i was on top of my life right now this would have been posted sooner and not, say, when the boys are already 6 1/2 weeks old!


we are loving our boys!  they are two of the sweetest little guys! the girls love that there are two of them... nani AND kale'a can each hold one at the same time!  and i love when they do!  they are such big helpers that this is the first time in my life when i DIDN’T want them to go back to school!


this is just a quick post to announce that we did indeed welcome these boys into our family on thanksgiving day (yup, that is the day after i was released from my 5 week hospital stay) and that i am still alive!  i do plan on posting the birth story because i love birth stories and this one was pretty crazy, but wonderful!  plus, i need to write it down!  however, that will be saved for a later date when things are a little more… haha, i was going to say normal, but that won’t be for awhile, i’m sure!  so i will just say that the birth story will have to wait!


until then, here are a few more pictures of our dear boys:

2010Dec11_0035makaio on the left and maui on the right.



baby toes, love them!!


makaio1 makaio (baby a)


maui2 and maui (baby b)  i love the wrinkles!

i’m off to love up my boys!!  it is AMAZING having 2 babies to love!!  twins are the best!