Thursday, January 27, 2011

she’s 2



mae mae, what can i say!  you are a joy!  you have an energy for life that i never knew existed in a two year old!  you’re a monkey and so full of energy!




many people have said about you that you are the happiest little girl.  i would have to agree!  you are quick to laugh and to find joy in the simplest things!


some of the things i love about you right now are:

  • you sleep in kawena’s radio flyer wagon
  • you don’t run, you gallop… like a horse
  • you are trying to speak, but much of what you say is very hard to decipher.  it is both cute and frustrating all at the same time
  • you laugh A LOT
  • your sisters absolutely adore you
  • you love your brothers


  • you get SUPER excited when your sisters get home from school and your daddy gets home from work and you scream with joy
  • you comfort your sisters when they are sad and crying with a hug
  • you are very sensitive to others emotions
  • you cried when we were watching the lamb of God movie when they killed Jesus
  • you are good at entertaining yourself when you have no sisters to play with
  • you are a very smart girl
  • when you scream because you are so happy and excited
  • you play so well with your sisters
  • you go to other people without a problem


some of the things that i could do without:

  • your amazing ability to climb… on EVERYTHING
  • finding you on the counters in the kitchen playing with the knives or getting into the candy
  • your love for playing in the bathroom
  • your laying on the boys or poking them in their eyes or shoving the pacifier in their mouth, etc….


  • you don’t nap (but i do make you have quiet time which you don’t like
  • your fun screaming fits
  • your inability to communicate what you need and want to us
  • you wake up way to early (one morning it was before 6 am, but usually it’s around 7)
  • your ability to make a mess of your food when you are done eating and start playing with your food



mae mae, you have added so much life and fun to our family!  we are so happy that you came to us and love every inch of you!  i can’t believe you are 2!!


happy birthday baby girl!  we love you so much!!


Rachelle said...

happy birthday, mae-mae!! "if i had a wish then it would be" - that you would nap for mommy - and . . "a happy, happy birthday to you from me"!!!

jessica said...

I'm seeing an arranged marriage in about 20 years.

I love the safety pinned jammies...we have those here too.

Lauren in GA said...

She is absolutely darling, Mahina. Your children are so gorgeous.

I love what you said about her. What a bundle of love she is.