Thursday, May 31, 2007

the morning's lesson

*don't wear an old swimsuit that you just found in the bottom of your drawer

so, this morning i get lala off to school and head off to the gym for a swimming workout. i drop my 2 remaining children off at the kids club and quickly change into my newly found, but very old, swimsuit and jump into the pool. about halfway through my workout, the water i had been drinking had gone through me, so i get out of the pool and walk through the locker room to the toilets. as i push open the glass door that separates the restroom from the locker room i barely glimpse my reflection staring back at me. to my horror i realize my mistake! old swimsuits, while dry, may appear to have great coverage and seem modest enough but, add water and it is a whole different story! i quickly fold my arms over my chest and slink back into the pool ever so carefully, making sure not to lift my shoulders up out of the water for the rest of my workout! needless to say, after my swim i promptly dropped the suit into the trash can, never to be worn again!

now i know why everyone was looking at me funny. i kept thinking, "do they know something i don't?" and the answer was, "yes!"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


the weather was so warm and sunny today! it was beautiful! the girls enjoyed time in the front yard running through the sprinklers while the baby and i relaxed on the porch watching them play and laugh. i love sunny days in oregon! sweet goggles, eh?!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

groceries anyone?

Kawena has become the girls new baby doll! Apparently, Nani and Lala went grocery shopping (in their PJ's) and picked up a baby in aisle 5! Kawena is very tolerant of her sisters!

she's having a baby

practically everyday, several times a day lala will come up to me and say, "mommie, can we play mom, daughter and baby?" it's like her most favorite thing to play. so, we play it a lot. much of the time she will be the mom having my baby, wish that were possible, and i am her daughter. she will ask me if i want a girl or a boy and she will have whichever i choose. she will then shove a stuffed animal or baby doll or two or three up her shirt and walk around with it for a time. then she will say "daughter, i have to go get the baby out." so we have to go into the bonus room where she lays on her back and i, who has been magically changed into the doctor, pulls the baby out. then i am the daughter again, she is still the mom and we now have a new beautiful baby boy/girl. sounds like fun, huh?!

so, i pick her up from preschool the other day and her teacher tells me, "she only had 2 baby's today at school." apparently she was playing mom and baby at school, too! oh joy! then the teacher looks at me, as if she knows a secret, and says, "she says your having a baby boy?! how exciting!" WHOA! i'm thinking, WHAT??!! i correct her very quickly and say, "oh, no, no, no!! Kawena is only 7 months old, give us some time!!"

at dinner i tell mitch what lala told her teacher and he asks lala why she told her teacher i was having a baby to which she says, "Because mommies belly is getting fat!" OUCH! and i thought i was looking pretty good! well, i'm off to the gym to do something about my fat belly!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

the hitting game

a few years ago my mom told me a story about gavan when he was a little boy. gavan had hit my mom and in an attempt to stop the hitting she said, "oh? do you want to play the hitting game?" so, he hit her and then she hit him hard and he cried. he didn't like that game so much. fast forward to a few days ago....

lala was getting upset with something i was asking her to do so she hit me in the leg. thinking back to the story my mom told me i think "i can stop this" and i say, "oh? do you want to play the hitting game?" lala gets a big grin and says, "yea!" my hands were full so we played the "kicking game" instead. lala kicks me, so i kick her. she kicks me and i kick harder. she kicks me again, i kick harder still, apparently not hard enough. nothing is phasing her so i said, "lala, i think you just need to go to your room." and i walk away. lala starts crying and mitch asks her what is wrong. she wails, "i want to play the hitting game!!!"

that back fired!

juice and chocolate milk

Lala: "Daddy I want some juice."
Mitch: "We don't have any juice made. Why don't you pick one and I'll make it."
Lala picks a juice from the freezer and Mitch thaws it in the microwave, mixes it and puts some in a cup for Lala. While this is happening the conversation continues:

Nani: "Daddy, can you make me some chocolate milk?"
Lala: (excitedly) "I want some chocolate milk!"
Mitch: "Lala, you said you wanted juice."
Lala: "Well, (pronounced "whale") when I said juice what I meant was chocolate milk!"
Mitch: "No, when you said juice, you meant juice and I've already poured you some."
Lala: (without skipping a beat) "Well, I said juice just in case mommy or Nani wanted some."

Boy, she is a quick thinker and always so considerate of others!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham

This afternoon Nani asked me to read Green Eggs and Ham to her. Instead, I suggested that she read it to me. After a bit of moaning about my idea, she started to read it. She discovered that it was actually easier than she thought it would be and read the whole book. It took her some time, but she finished it. She said, "I only had to take ONE break!" This was her first attempt at reading completely on her own. In her Kindergarten class they have "sight word" lists that they pass off to the teacher and she has been working hard the past few weeks. So, we see the fruits of her labors!!