Sunday, May 27, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham

This afternoon Nani asked me to read Green Eggs and Ham to her. Instead, I suggested that she read it to me. After a bit of moaning about my idea, she started to read it. She discovered that it was actually easier than she thought it would be and read the whole book. It took her some time, but she finished it. She said, "I only had to take ONE break!" This was her first attempt at reading completely on her own. In her Kindergarten class they have "sight word" lists that they pass off to the teacher and she has been working hard the past few weeks. So, we see the fruits of her labors!!


Kawika said...

hey NANI! you go girl!

Tutu lady said...
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Tutu lady said...

What great pictures! Nani is good at this reading thing. She read page 42 for me (it was very long) while I waited for the fireside to begin. Tell her that Tutu says, "You're great!"