Friday, October 01, 2010

just a little (or big) comparison


21wks      27w 2dbelly2

                       21 weeks                     27 weeks + 2 days (sorry about the creepy look!)


wow!  in a short 6 weeks i went from that……………………..  to this!  holy cow!!  no wonder i am feeling SO BIG! 


HAH!…… and i thought i was big at 21 weeks!  what did i know??!


i am soooo behind on blog posts right now, …swimming on labor day; 1st day of preschool for kawena; my awesome, amazing trip to oregon, to name a few.  but this is the easiest, shortest (least time/energy consuming) post i could do!  so there you have it.


i am trying to muster up the energy, somewhere (don’t know where to find it these days), to sit down and write all these posts.  i can’t promise anything, but maybe, just maybe, i’ll find it in me to do some blog posts!