Thursday, January 27, 2011

she’s 2



mae mae, what can i say!  you are a joy!  you have an energy for life that i never knew existed in a two year old!  you’re a monkey and so full of energy!




many people have said about you that you are the happiest little girl.  i would have to agree!  you are quick to laugh and to find joy in the simplest things!


some of the things i love about you right now are:

  • you sleep in kawena’s radio flyer wagon
  • you don’t run, you gallop… like a horse
  • you are trying to speak, but much of what you say is very hard to decipher.  it is both cute and frustrating all at the same time
  • you laugh A LOT
  • your sisters absolutely adore you
  • you love your brothers


  • you get SUPER excited when your sisters get home from school and your daddy gets home from work and you scream with joy
  • you comfort your sisters when they are sad and crying with a hug
  • you are very sensitive to others emotions
  • you cried when we were watching the lamb of God movie when they killed Jesus
  • you are good at entertaining yourself when you have no sisters to play with
  • you are a very smart girl
  • when you scream because you are so happy and excited
  • you play so well with your sisters
  • you go to other people without a problem


some of the things that i could do without:

  • your amazing ability to climb… on EVERYTHING
  • finding you on the counters in the kitchen playing with the knives or getting into the candy
  • your love for playing in the bathroom
  • your laying on the boys or poking them in their eyes or shoving the pacifier in their mouth, etc….


  • you don’t nap (but i do make you have quiet time which you don’t like
  • your fun screaming fits
  • your inability to communicate what you need and want to us
  • you wake up way to early (one morning it was before 6 am, but usually it’s around 7)
  • your ability to make a mess of your food when you are done eating and start playing with your food



mae mae, you have added so much life and fun to our family!  we are so happy that you came to us and love every inch of you!  i can’t believe you are 2!!


happy birthday baby girl!  we love you so much!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

quotable quote #1


kawena and makaio


kawena has been having lots of potty accidents in the past few weeks. super frustrating!  mitch even put a diaper on her last night as a joke.  she didn’t think it was so funny!!  she took it off very quickly!


as she was going off to bed last night she said, very seriously, “i am following satan because i keep having accidents!”  hopefully, thinking that will help her STOP having accidents because i know she doesn’t want to follow satan! ;o)


another cute thing she was saying last night when her sister was getting in trouble was, “her heart feels sad!”  then she also said, “i need to go potty.  my heart feels happy because i am going potty in the toilet!”

i {heart} kawena!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a forgotten post

i just realized, in all of the craziness that has been our life these past months, that i never wished you a happy, merry christmas.


so, here is a belated christmas card for you, my friends:




i hope it was very merry, indeed!


p.s. i have decided that having a baby, or two for that matter, right before christmas is not ideal!  it kind of throws the whole “simplify for the holidays”  out the window! 


just in case you were wondering! ;o)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

while you were nursing…

having twins comes with its challenges…


need i say more??

Sunday, January 09, 2011




if i was on top of my life right now this would have been posted sooner and not, say, when the boys are already 6 1/2 weeks old!


we are loving our boys!  they are two of the sweetest little guys! the girls love that there are two of them... nani AND kale'a can each hold one at the same time!  and i love when they do!  they are such big helpers that this is the first time in my life when i DIDN’T want them to go back to school!


this is just a quick post to announce that we did indeed welcome these boys into our family on thanksgiving day (yup, that is the day after i was released from my 5 week hospital stay) and that i am still alive!  i do plan on posting the birth story because i love birth stories and this one was pretty crazy, but wonderful!  plus, i need to write it down!  however, that will be saved for a later date when things are a little more… haha, i was going to say normal, but that won’t be for awhile, i’m sure!  so i will just say that the birth story will have to wait!


until then, here are a few more pictures of our dear boys:

2010Dec11_0035makaio on the left and maui on the right.



baby toes, love them!!


makaio1 makaio (baby a)


maui2 and maui (baby b)  i love the wrinkles!

i’m off to love up my boys!!  it is AMAZING having 2 babies to love!!  twins are the best!