Sunday, December 13, 2009

mini photo shoot

this christmas we are giving grandma great (mitch’s grandma) some photo throw pillows. 4 to be exact… one pillow for each granddaughter.  i guess we could have done one pillow with all four of the girls on it, but getting a picture with all four of them looking decent is quite a challenge and i didn’t even want to go there!


so, today after church i sat down which each girl and had a quick mini photo shoot. unfortunately, i decided this after the girls had gotten out of their church dresses. bummer! kawena was the only one that hadn’t changed.


here are the results of the shoot…

nani nani, age 8


kale'a kale’a, age 6


for kawena’s picture, there were so many good ones that it was hard to choose. we narrowed it down to these two:


kawenalayingdown kawena, age 3


there were two votes for both photos. so, we decided to let kawena be the tie breaker when she woke up from her nap.


which would you have chosen?

she chose the bottom one (as did i! ;-)


i actually took mahealani’s picture last week because my mom needed a picture of mahea for her christmas card. the problem, though, with these pictures is that i didn’t realize that my camera’s iso setting was on 1600. for those of you who have no idea what that means, basically it means that the pictures have a lot of noise.

a lot of noise = yucky grain

yucky grain = highly pixilated

highly pixilated = not clear and crisp

not clear and crisp = not happy me!

nonetheless, mahea is still adorable.



mahea2mahealani, age 10 months


i didn’t use either one of these for the pillow. instead i used a picture that i took back in october.


i’m sure grandma great will be thrilled with her new pillows, don’t ya think?

Monday, December 07, 2009

wow! i did it again!

i came home from an amazing ski trip in keystone, co with my sweet, wonderful, hunk of a husband (happy 10th anniversary) on saturday evening to find that my photo had been chosen as one of the top ten in last weeks i heart faces challenge! what a great surprise to come home to! it was the perfect end to the perfect weekend! here’s the cute little tooshie that helped me get chosen:


go here to see the other photos that were chosen. i went back and was surprised that my photo made the top ten when there were 465 entries! wow! i am honored!