Monday, May 28, 2007

juice and chocolate milk

Lala: "Daddy I want some juice."
Mitch: "We don't have any juice made. Why don't you pick one and I'll make it."
Lala picks a juice from the freezer and Mitch thaws it in the microwave, mixes it and puts some in a cup for Lala. While this is happening the conversation continues:

Nani: "Daddy, can you make me some chocolate milk?"
Lala: (excitedly) "I want some chocolate milk!"
Mitch: "Lala, you said you wanted juice."
Lala: "Well, (pronounced "whale") when I said juice what I meant was chocolate milk!"
Mitch: "No, when you said juice, you meant juice and I've already poured you some."
Lala: (without skipping a beat) "Well, I said juice just in case mommy or Nani wanted some."

Boy, she is a quick thinker and always so considerate of others!!


Kawika said...

i don't think she is ever going to have trouble talking her way out of anything .. you had better watch out for this one! ;)

Mahina said...

We agree 100%. i'm worried about the teenage lala.