Tuesday, May 29, 2007

she's having a baby

practically everyday, several times a day lala will come up to me and say, "mommie, can we play mom, daughter and baby?" it's like her most favorite thing to play. so, we play it a lot. much of the time she will be the mom having my baby, wish that were possible, and i am her daughter. she will ask me if i want a girl or a boy and she will have whichever i choose. she will then shove a stuffed animal or baby doll or two or three up her shirt and walk around with it for a time. then she will say "daughter, i have to go get the baby out." so we have to go into the bonus room where she lays on her back and i, who has been magically changed into the doctor, pulls the baby out. then i am the daughter again, she is still the mom and we now have a new beautiful baby boy/girl. sounds like fun, huh?!

so, i pick her up from preschool the other day and her teacher tells me, "she only had 2 baby's today at school." apparently she was playing mom and baby at school, too! oh joy! then the teacher looks at me, as if she knows a secret, and says, "she says your having a baby boy?! how exciting!" WHOA! i'm thinking, WHAT??!! i correct her very quickly and say, "oh, no, no, no!! Kawena is only 7 months old, give us some time!!"

at dinner i tell mitch what lala told her teacher and he asks lala why she told her teacher i was having a baby to which she says, "Because mommies belly is getting fat!" OUCH! and i thought i was looking pretty good! well, i'm off to the gym to do something about my fat belly!!


Teresa said...

haha! that's too funny! i love how she calls you "daughter". haha! Oh, right - I can't imagine you with a fat belly. Like you have to worry about that being accurate;-)

Bridget said...

That is so funny! Strange that her teacher actually believed you might be pregnant! And pregnant enough to have had an ultrasound and know you were having a boy! That would put you at 4 months pregnant with a 7 month old baby! Yikes. And if you have a big belly...heaven help us all.
The things kids say.....
I took Cole to the bathroom during Sac. mtg on Sunday. After he went, I decided I might as well go too. Cole then yells "Mom! You have a BIG bum!!!" Fortunately I think we were alone in there. :)

Mahina said...

oh the things we must put up with from our children! they are so cute you just have to laugh! i guess we just have to remember that it is all relative! of course everything about us is bigger to them because they are so much smaller, right? ;)