Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the new do, kawena style

this is what kawena looked like when she woke up this morning

beforelovely isn’t it??  love the look on her face!!


about 15 minutes after she woke up, kawena’s saving grace arrived in the form of our friend, cathy!  she arrived, scissors in hand, ready to salvage, and hopefully work a miracle, on our little girl’s butchered hair job from the night before.


here it is as it unfolded






kawena was very quiet the whole time cathy was cutting her hair.  it was pretty funny!



when cathy arrived she told us that we would be able to donate kawena’s hair to locks of love because it was that long!  i had no idea it was long enough!  so, that is nice to know that someone will enjoy kawena’s beautiful hair!


here she is showing off her locks

donation haircan you believe those “bangs”, if you can even really call them that?!  wow!!  that’s all i can say is, “wow”!  cathy told me, much to my relief, that bangs actually are the fastest growing part of your hair.  who knew??!  i sure didn’t, but i am glad to know it now!


after cathy left, kawena jumped in the bath to get all those itchy little hairs off of her, but really i just needed to see what i could do with it.  i needed to start with fresh, wet hair to try and style it because i wasn’t liking the above look!  i wanted to try and train the “bangs” to go to the side instead of straight down.  you know, to kind of hide the fact that she did it herself!!


this is what we got


from the sides




this is how short we had to go in the back to make it, somewhat, blend in with all the shortness in the front because, of course, she didn’t touch the back with the scissors.


she looks cute, right?  all except those “bangs”.  i will be so happy once those grow out, even just an inch will make a huge difference!!  she seems to like her new hairdo, although she told me tonight that she didn’t want anyone at school to see her hair tomorrow.  not much we can do about that, babe! i don’t know that she really feels that way because she just kind of giggled after that.


after about 30 minutes to an hour after she got out of the bath and once her hair dried, it was clear that i was going to have to do more than just comb it to the side to hide the bad bang job.  so, i dug deep into the back of my bathroom cupboards and came up with some “product”, i think it is hair paste, or something like that.  i am not much of a hair product type of person.  low maintenance is my kind of hairstyle!


so, i rubbed some of that pasty stuff into my hands and did my best to make her hair do what i wanted it to do.  i think it will take a little time, but i think her hair might cooperate if i train it to go to the side.


i think she will be wearing dresses more in the next several weeks.  she told mitch on the phone today that she had to wear dresses so she “wouldn’t look like a boy!”


i think she is pretty no matter what her hair looks like!


i just love this girl… every single inch of her!


Kristi said...

Oh sweet girl! Julie cut my hair in a similar fashion when I was Kawena's age - I ended up with the exact same haircut!! Wow. One of them had to do it eh? Keep it up miracle mommy!

tutu lady said...

Love what you did with what ya got. I love the happy face. Remember, "No more tangles" You're gonna love that!

JerilynnO said...

Oh Mahina, she looks adorable. The new do actually fits her perfectly. I'm surprised with all the other girls that this is the first time you've had to deal with this. I remember when my oldest, Jennifer, and Anna Smith gave Jennifer an interesting trim. I had Jen's hair pulled up on both sides with cute little barettes and they just cut both barettes WITH the hair still in them off Jen's head. It was an interesting look for sure. All's well that ends well and now you have a cute childhood story to share with her children one day. Blackmail material!...lol

The Yoder's Four said...

She looks adorable! Short and sassy--I love that on little girls. Madelyn cut her hair when she was 2 or 3 but thankfully no bangs....seems it's a rite of passage!

ashley said...

ahhhhhhh! kids and scissors- what is is with cutting their own hair that is so enticing?
so sorry! i was so sad when i looked at ivy after she cut her bangs, but now they are growing out and i actually really like them!
and kawena looks cute with the short hair. really. i am a fan of the long hair but she really does look cute- i love the picture from the back!
hang in there mamma, your doing a great job!

Amanda D said...

Oh, it turned out good! She looks cute. The perfect summer 'do.

Rachel's Roost said...

Well there you go! She's so sweet and feminine no one will mistake her for a boy. And not bad! A cute little pixie!

Tonya said...

Your friend did an amazing job of blending her hair into her little bangs! She looks so cute and I really do like the cut.One time I thought I had my thinners in hand and actually had my scissors. I took a HUGE chunk out of my hair right near my bangs. FREAKED me out! I had to do the side swipe/hair paste trick too while it grew out. That hair paste trick can work magic. Too funny!

jessica said...

I'm a big fan of short hair...when it's done right. Yes bangs will definitely be better but my gosh that girl is a dolly!

Julie said...

I think it's super cute! She's just plain darling. She could be bald and still stand out as a beauty.

Scott-n-Allison said...

But I love situations where the natural consequences are better than anything I could have done to try and teach them to do better.

And with this natural consequence, she'll NEVER cut her own hair again.

And besides...she's still darling even with a super short 'do.

Jimmy said...

Mahina just had to tell you that I opened your blog and scrolled down to the first picture and busted up laughing. That is a great picture and I hope you keep it forever.

(And you already know I think you and Mitch have the most beautiful family I know.)