Sunday, August 22, 2010

watch me grow

with this pregnancy i am fascinated by how rapidly my belly has been growing and i wish i could make it stop! already i am way-hey bigger than i was with my other pregnancies, obviously, because there are two babies sharing the space. but seriously i can’t imagine my belly stretching THAT far to accommodate them! i already feel like i want to burst!


i am 21 weeks this past wednesday.  with each of my other four pregnancies this is around the time when i started telling people that i was pregnant. in the past, i have been pretty small as far as pregnant bellies go, so at 21 weeks no one could tell yet that i was pregnant, but i was to the point that it would become obvious very soon! i was able to announce that i was pregnant along with the gender of the baby.


actually, with noelani, since she was our first pregnancy i was just so excited to be pregnant that i told my mom the minute i got a positive pregnancy test. with kale’a we decided not to tell anyone for as long as we could get away with it. i liked it that way because the pregnancy seemed shorter without people constantly asking me how i was feeling, etc. i didn’t get sick, so that wasn’t a pregnancy give away, either! when others didn’t know i didn’t feel as pregnant. it was also fun that no one knew.


so, with kawena and mahea i opted to kept it a secret until we could announce the sex at the same time, though we didn’t actually announce mahea was another girl until about a month before she was born.


well, as you can see with these pictures, not telling until i was 21 weeks was NOT an option!

17w   4d bellyR  19wksbelly  21wks

17 weeks + 4 days                            19 weeks                                     21 weeks


because i am feeling so big i was curious to see how i compared to my last pregnancy picture that i took with mahea. so, here i am at 21 weeks this pregnancy and 34 weeks with mahea (she was born only 4 weeks after this was taken at 38 weeks):

21wks    bellyhug_thumb[2]

wow! not much of a difference, and considering there is 13 weeks growth between the 1st picture and the 2nd, i am in trouble. oh man! my poor, poor belly!


so there you have it. the latest pregnancy belly update. i am almost to 5 months now, only 4 more, hopefully less, to go!


Tonya said...

You are one of the cutest pregnant peoples I know! I am excited to see just how big this preggy belly gets. Wow, twins. Still in awe about that one. Matt is hoping for boys for you guys:)

Amanda D said...

I'm with Tonya - you are so cute pregnant. I can't imagine you having enough room for two babies. So excited for you! Do you know the gender?

Erika said...

Love these!
Keep posting :-)

hoalawman said...

I for one can't wait to meet them!

ashley said...

whatever, you look great! i feel the same way you do, i don't tell people till i have to- usually way late just so i don't get the comments and all that and like you said it makes it go by way faster!
either way, your twin tummy is cute and the rest of you does not look big at all- that always makes it a little better right?
and like everyone is asking, are you going to find out what your having and if so are you going to tell? hope so!

Rachelle said...

So cute! I like that you're showing. Curves are great!!!

Amanda said...

You look fabulous! Maybe by the end of this pregnancy with twins you'll know how miserable the rest of us get with our humongous bellies!:) Keep posting these pictures. They're great!

Mike and Erica said...

Hey! I just saw your comment on our blog and am excited to see your blog now! How exciting that you are having twins - how incredible! And I can't believe how big your girls are. Mike is still shocked that we taught your oldest two in sunbeams and they are in fourth and first grades! They are all beautiful. I am excited to be able to see how you guys are now! Good luck with everything.

The Childrens Nest said...

You look amazing Mahina!!! Ok let me just say I think I was bigger than you at 21 weeks with just one! You are adorable and I have to say again it was so fun seeing you a few weeks ago!!!