Wednesday, August 18, 2010

and they’re off!

kale'a1    nani2


today is the first day of school! nani is in fourth grade and kale’a is in first grade this year. we went yesterday to meet the teachers and we are all excited for this year of learning!


we got up nice and early to get the girls ready. they had already set out their clothes the night before and gotten their backpacks ready (unfortunately, they had to use their backpacks from last year because their new ones have not yet arrived from land’s end). all we had to do was get dressed, eat, fix hair, and lunches.


i have a wonderful set-up for getting the girls to school, as well as home from school. the school does not bus the kids like they did in oregon, but i have something even better! the bishop’s wife! the bishop and his family live just the block over from us and they have kids that go to the same school.  when mahea was born, erin volunteered to take my kids to school to help out, even though she had just had a baby a month before i had. she has been taking my kids ever since!


the girls love going with erin and her kids because they get to ride their bikes, walk, or on days when time is short erin will drive them. when i took the kids to school we always drove!


mitch got the girls bikes ready last night with air in the tires and bike locks in backpacks, so they were ready to head off when erin came to get them.

nani1    kale'a2




and here they go, riding off into the sunrise!


i’ve been looking forward to the beginning of school, not because i don’t enjoy having them around, they’ve actually been getting along so well the past several weeks, but because now i will be able to go shopping and run other errands in the morning or the middle of the day. you see, all summer i have NOT taken all the girls out to run errands. you just never know what kind of a scene we will cause when all of us are out. plus, with my ever increasing belly things are much easier with fewer kids. not to mention the looks i get with four kids and an obviously pregnant belly!!


in three weeks kawena will be starting preschool 3 days a week and i will be down to one child at home. wow! well, that will only be until december when i will be back to having three at home (did i mention that all three will be in diapers!??! yikes!), a thought that thrills me, not the diaper part, and scares me all at the same time!


enjoy school girls and be safe! mommy loves you!


Amanda D said...

School doesn't start here for a few more weeks. I'm looking forward to it starting for the same reasons - not having to drag all the kids to the grocery store.
I'll have all three kids in school, so that will be a change for me.

Love the pictures of your beautiful girls.

jessica said...

Such a darling post! I am so glad you are back my Mahina friend...

Sara said...

They just get more beautiful every year. I love the bubble pics too! Thanks for sharing...hmmm, I need to blog. So much to do, so little time (but if you can do it, so can I)! I'm inspired! Enjoy your weekdays of rest (well, sort of), until December!