Friday, August 20, 2010

that’s more like it


here we go again!


when kale’a got home from school yesterday and saw her sister all curled up, she decided she didn’t want to wait for the weekend to do a “trial run” on her curls. she wanted her hair curly for school today!


so, being the fabulous mom that i am (right!) i told her i would do it IF she ate her dinner quickly (something that she rarely does), bathed and washed her hair before 7:00 pm. i wasn’t going to have her go to bed late just so i could curl her hair (i cherish MY TIME after the girls are all tucked in bed too much to let that happen!!). well, she BARELY made it in time.


after the results from yesterday’s curls, we decided to use only the pink curlers, they are the largest size, and if we HAD to we could use the next size down to finish the bottom of her hair. i think we only had to use a few smaller ones underneath.


i had to get her up earlier than normal so we would have time to get all of the curlers out and not make us late for school. this is what she looked like this morning:

kale'amorning this picture cracks me up when i see the look on her face! total “morning kale’a”, sleepy eyes and blank stare, with drooping curlers to finish the look!


as soon as i took the first curler out i knew that this was going to turn out much better, or should i say, more like i had pictured in my minds eye!kale'a1

nice loose curls!


this is what i had envisioned kawena’s hair looking like yesterday. i was happy that kale’a’s turned out.  i would say that kale’a was happy with it, too!



i thought she looked so cute headed off to school with a head of bouncy curls!



tonight i will set my hand to the curlers one more time this week for the oldest daughter! so be forewarned, there will be one more curly post because we have to give equal time to the girls on the blog, or i have to at least try!


i promise i am NOT turning into a “hair blog”!  i am WAY under qualified, for sure!  like i’ve said before, i should have been a boy mom, if for the soul reason of my lack of hair skills! seriously!


p.s. kawena’s curls are looking adorable today now that they’ve had time to settle down! ;0)


jessica said...

I love the curler posts! Many a night I slept with those pink curlers in my hair...I think I might just have to do curlers in Eden's hair this week. She is always begging me to curl her hair but I HATE curling hair and we have the straightest hair on the planet. Looks likeg I'm going to have to go and pick up some pink curlers today;)

Scott-n-Allison said...

If you put a hair net around the curlers before they go to bed the rollers stay in much better through the night.

All the curls are so cute!

Amanda D said...

Oh, Mahina, you're in trouble! She is so beautiful. Glad to see that the curls went the way you thought they would.

Danielle said...

I am a little bit jealous of all the fun hair stuff you are doing. They look so cute.

tutu lady said...

LaLa! so cute!