Monday, August 02, 2010

summer rainstorm

we have been enjoying some great summer rainstorms the past couple of weeks! i love rainstorms in the desert because the rain comes down fast and hard. then it’s over almost as fast as it began! i love the huge raindrops and the smell of desert rain! it smells so good!


last week we were enjoying one such rainstorm and the girls ran to get their umbrellas as headed outside. once the rain started to subside they decided to blow bubbles. i remember as a kid making bubble cities in the bathtub and on the wet sidewalk, so i introduced the girls to the art of making bubble cities!



since it was still raining they got some rainwater and spread it on the ground under the covered porch out back. at first they discovered the the rain was blowing into their bubble cities and popping the bubbles. so, they decided to make a barrier out of their umbrellas.



once they blocked out the destroying rain, they were able to build their cities.


bubblecity         bubblecitykawena


they soon ran out of bubbles, but that did not stop them!



instead, they decided to make their very own bubbles! i love that our girls will find a solution when they are faced with a problem to solve! but what i love even more is when they work peacefully and happily together to solve it!

watergatherer        makingbubbles

teamworkkale’a caught the rainwater in the bucket while nani got the dish soap AND the hand soap (apparently, it only turns out right if you use a combination of both! who knew?) from inside the house. then, as nani poured the soap into the bucket kale’a stirred it all together. kawena would then take a sample and test it out. they continued this process until it was just right!! they made a great team!


it was so much fun to see the girls enjoying something that i enjoyed as a little girl! and i couldn’t resist taking pictures of this:

crack1       crack2

poor girl has no hips to keep her pants up!!


hoalawman said...

Keep that camera close! Love this stuff. Rich

tutu lady said...

Fun! Love ya'll - Tutu

jessica said...

There is something about teaching your kids something that brought you joy as a kid that is so spirit got some great shots. Oh and we have that blue butterfly umbrella too;)

Becca said...

great pictures!