Monday, July 26, 2010

this is for my sis

malia is still in fiji without an internet connection of their own which means that we have not been able to talk on skype, yet, since she left at the beginning of the month. however, thanks to facebook, we have chatted a few times while she was either at a friends using their internet or at an internet cafe. i am trying to be patient!


she’s been wanting to see a picture of me and my twin belly. i have been waiting for mitch to take a picture of me, but whenever he is home i forget to ask him. so, i took it upon myself to do a self-portrait, mirror shot before i get too far along. i am hoping to take photos every week or at least every two weeks because i am just fascinated to see how quickly and hugely i grow! this whole twin thing has me a little weirded out, but excited at the same time.


here i am sunday afternoon right before my nap (a luxury i enjoy EVERY sunday after church). i am 17 weeks + 4 days in this photo:

17w 4dbellyL

it’s funny because i was telling my sister how huge i am, yet when i look at myself in this photo i am not nearly as huge as i feel! however, those of you who have experienced any of my previous pregnancies knows that i can go until after my 20 week ultrasound without showing. with this pregnancy i was obviously showing by, at the very latest 14 weeks. it’s like i am 6-7 weeks ahead growth wise! like i said before, it’s kind of a weird thing! so, by those standards, i am huge, but by twins standards i don’t think i’m all that big??


i googled twin pregnancy bellies and i got scared for my poor belly! these ladies were mostly 36-39 weeks and they were ginormous! i hurt just looking at them! i showed the girls and they were like, “whoa!” and “ohhh!” it was pretty funny!


i went to my first ob appointment today and the doctor (another weird thing because we’ve always had midwives!) was listening to the heartbeats. baby a was head down and baby b was laying across the top of my belly kicking baby a, and i thought, “is this a sign of things to come??” i sure hope not! haha!


so, there you go malia! not quite as big as i was telling you.  i am not yet as big as i was at your wedding (6 months with kawena) like i said i was, but just give me a few weeks and i’m sure i will be!


Erika said...

I know its for Malia but I'm thrilled you're doing this! I like watching you grow too!!!

Brewer Bunch said...

WOWWWWW!!! I didn't know you were preggo, and with TWINS!!! I'm so excited for you! People will tell you all sorts of things, but there truly is nothing in the world like holding a pair of twins - it's pretty miraculous and a whole separate world than most people think.
... and NO, you are NOT BIG AT ALL!! I think I looked like this at week 5 with my twins! The only thing that saved me was that mine came 2 months early... and even then I was about as big as I got at term with all of my other pregnancies :).
Do you know what they are? Are you going to find out??
As for the kicking, etc, YES... it does point to their personalities :). That was one thing that I loved about the whole twin pregnancy, we got an ultrasound every month to check their growth, and I could tell their little personalities right from the get go (in almost all of them, Sarah was either kicking Seth in the face, stomping on his head, or stretching out spread eagle... no joke!... while he was scrunched in a tiny ball in the bottom corner)... in fact, I have no doubt they came early because she was done waiting and just shoved him out (he was head down, she was breech...)
Ahhh, welcome to the joyous world of twins!!!

The Childrens Nest said...

Mahina!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, you are having twins!!! That is sooo exciting! Do you know what they are yet? I am hoping for identical boys for you :o) Hope you are feeling great! Your cute dad wrote on my facebook and told me you were having twins in Dec!! 6 kids.... wow! You are such a sweet mom Mahina and I am just so thrilled for you guys!!! Take care,
Love, Tiff

Amanda D said...

You are so cute, Mahina! Congrats again.

Danielle said...

You look gorgeous! Although--I don't envy ALL that kicking that must be going on in your stomach. And I think since you are having twins--you deserve 2 naps on Sunday.

jessica said...

You look amazing! I know that season of my life is over, but before I knew it was over I always dreaded my big belly and now I wished I had appreciated and embraced it. Why are we so hard on ourselves!? Like I said I know our family is complete and I am okay with that, but that picture has stirred up some emotions that I was not prepared for...infertility sucks, but it sure makes you appreciate the miracle of pregnancy and stand back in awe of it all. I am so happy for you! Thanks for letting us all be a part of this magical journey!

Rachel's Roost said...

So what the heck is your sister doing in Fiji? What is their new gig?

Tonya said...

AHHHHH!!!! I just found out you were pregnant, and not only pregnant, but pregnant with TWINS!!! I'm shocked and so excited for you and your family. CONGRATULATIONS!

paula said...

Love the updates...Take as many naps as you need!!

mahina said...


thanks! i feel bad sometimes when i lay down to nap and my kids are on their own, but obviously not bad enough b/c i keep taking naps when i can!! our girls are very good about staying quiet and out of trouble, most of the time! we have been blessed with great, responsible girls who play well together! Heavenly Father knew what i could handle!

tutu lady said...

Hi everyone! Great pictures! I remember those days/wet days with bubbles. Lookin good Mahi. I just returned from 8 days@ CHAS/Chicago last night at 10:30p with many delays and got up at 4:20a to work 2 days and go again. Next week, work 3 days and then come see you!!!! Yeah!!