Monday, July 19, 2010


so, i know i have been pretty lame this week since i started posting again. in my defense, i am seriously melting over here in the high desert! as i type my arms are sticking to the table! gross, i know!


our swamp cooler is worthless in this humid heat! yesterday it was 84 degrees INSIDE our house with the swamp cooler on high! that means, with my two personal furnaces burning inside me, that i am HOT!! HOT and MISERABLE! the only thing i feel like doing is laying on my bed with my fan blowing full blast at me and napping…. so, that’s what i am going to do!


i just checked the weather forecast and we are supposed to cool down by thursday to around 87. so, until then i will be laying around trying to move as little as possible so i don’t over heat! BLAH!!!


wishin’ we were here right about now!

2010Jun21_0102    2010Jun21_0117



janine said...

wow....mitch's hair got long:)

Danielle said...

You don't have air conditioning in the desert? We would die here without it. Although when I see my electric bill I may die too. Stay cool.

Rachel's Roost said...

where did you find your cute suits for the girls?

jessica said...

Oh you poor poor girl!!! I am so sorry, I wish I could go throw some ice chips on you...the beach looks heavenly!

mahina said...

rachel, i got them at land's end online! we LOVE them so much! they are modest and they can walk around and not feel naked in them! highly recommend them!! i will be buying more when they go on sale again!

tutu lady said...

Yup, I'm wishing you were there too.

Nana said... I out of the loop. Haven't had my own computer to keep up with blogs - and found lots of posts I had missed. Twins!!! My niece just had a mixed set a month ago. It will be a lot of work, but you will have some great helpers. Did you ever think you would have six kids?

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I hope you were able to cool off! It's warm here today, too (we're finally home), but we're not boiling. Take good care of yourself, and we had such fun at your house!