Tuesday, June 26, 2007

my 100

i've read several of these lists on other blogs and i wondered if i could come up with 100 things. so, here is my attempt.

my 100:

  1. i am the first daughter and second child of four. i have 2 brothers and 1 sister. i always wanted more siblings
  2. my dad is filipino, hawaiian, chinese; my mom is from idaho. people always laugh when i tell them this
  3. my dad is 3 inches shorter than my mom and i don't think it's weird, but when i see other couples where the husband is shorter than the wife, i think it's odd
  4. i am 5' 7", but have always wanted to be taller
  5. i like things to be organized and for everything to have its own place
  6. i don't like to be late, but have found that i will be as long as i have children at home
  7. i am the mother of 3 beautiful girls and still can't believe i am old enough to be the mother of 3
  8. i want to learn to play the guitar and the piano
  9. i wish that i loved to run
  10. i love sundays because that's when mitch cooks
  11. i am a triathlete
  12. i love the smell of grapefruit hand soap from bath and body works, it's so refreshing
  13. i'm a good listener
  14. i have a testimony of Jesus Christ
  15. i have to sleep with my hair in a ponytail
  16. i am the only one of my siblings who didn't marry someone from california
  17. no matter how hot it is i have to have a sheet over me when i sleep
  18. i am the only sibling that does not surf
  19. i am an excellent swimmer and love to swim, but have a horrible fear of waves that i wish i could get over
  20. i ran a marathon in alaska and it hurt
  21. when i was a little girl my brother and i crashed our dad's friend's car into a restaurant. we were parked on a hill outside my dad's work and gavan released the emergency brake. i was perfectly innocent. boy were we in BIG trouble.
  22. sometimes i suffer from insomnia (like right now), it drives me crazy
  23. i have great pregnancies and actually love being pregnant until about the last month or two, then i'm uncomfortable
  24. i gave birth to all 3 of our girls without any drugs and wouldn't have it any other way
  25. i wish i could sleep in late every morning
  26. i wish i lived closer to my family and hope to very soon
  27. i love to lift weights, i feel so strong afterwards
  28. some of my nicknames have been: haners botters, hina, mango toes, pocahantas, hermana typewriter, haners, mahi mahi
  29. i got married in 1999 to my best friend
  30. i'm whiter than i've ever been
  31. i like to be tan
  32. i want to have at least one son, hopefully 2
  33. i was the first one in my family to get a college degree
  34. i served a mission in san antonio, texas and spoke spanish
  35. i went to byu-hawaii and loved it
  36. i love to bungee jump
  37. i want to sky-dive
  38. i was a contestant in the miss byu-hawaii pageant and i won the speech contest and the modeling contest
  39. in the winter i always have to wear socks to bed
  40. i swam with turtles
  41. i get sea sick and wish i didn't
  42. i love roller coasters, but blacked out once on a ride on senior ditch day at magic mountain and i still love them
  43. we just bought a fifth wheel and i can't wait to take a trip. i love to see how incredibly excited the girls are about the fifth wheel
  44. i never thought i'd own an rv
  45. we are taking an 8 week sabbatical in two weeks and i am beyond myself with joy. i can't yet imagine what it will be like to be able to travel for longer than a week without having to rush back home so that mitch can get back to work
  46. i don't like to shave my legs
  47. i love to drink water
  48. i moved 6 times before i graduated high school, but stayed in the same city, the same schools, and the same ward
  49. we named our houses; the red house, the yellow house, the green house, the white house, the flora house
  50. i grew up in newport beach, ca
  51. my first car was orange and i loved it
  52. i wanted to get a bellybutton ring, but didn't. thank goodness!
  53. my second toe is longer than my first toe
  54. i have impossibly wide feet that are hard to find shoes for
  55. i love to watch lala's facial expressions while she is talking
  56. my favorite restaurant is macaroni grill. that was mitch's and my first date. i drew a portrait of my family for him on the table with crayons.
  57. my favorite fast food is in 'n out burger
  58. i love ketchup
  59. my new favorite flower is a hydrangea, we have blue ones and pink ones blooming right now in our back yard. beautiful
  60. i am addicted to blogging and love the connection i have with all of you
  61. i want to learn to dance the salsa, the tango, and the swing, but i am not very coordinated
  62. when i was in 7th grade i got pantsed in foods class and i got sent to the principal's office, i still don't understand why i got sent to the office
  63. i took modeling classes in junior high school and have walked the catwalk
  64. i want a blue eyed baby, but i doubt i'll get one
  65. i want to take a trip to fiji with no kids, just me and mitch
  66. i don't like to clean, but love a clean house
  67. i've never cooked thanksgiving dinner
  68. i love watching as nani becomes more independent and more responsible
  69. i miss my sister and wish we lived closer
  70. i love sunday naps
  71. i love that my husband thinks i'm funny
  72. i love that i have 3 girls and look forward to girls nights out when we are older
  73. i love to take pictures and want to be a better photographer
  74. when playing games i am highly competitive
  75. i went scuba diving on our honeymoon in cancun and loved it, didn't love throwing up all over the boat once we surfaced. that was embarrassing. thank goodness mitch didn't get a picture of that!
  76. we don't own a television and haven't since we've been married. don't really miss it
  77. i love listening to my girls play happily together and to hear them laughing together
  78. i am always amazed at the simple innocence of my children and wish i could be like that still
  79. i love being home with my kids and am so grateful that i can be
  80. i still think i am 21, maybe 22
  81. i've never been back east, but would love to go someday
  82. i love to hear my girls sing
  83. it breaks my heart when my girls are sad
  84. i love costco
  85. i'm easily intimidated
  86. i'm a perfectionist, but mitch is helping me to relax some
  87. i have a new found love for dark chocolate, midnight milky ways are heavenly
  88. i don't like clutter
  89. when i was pregnant with nani i chopped off and donated 19 inches of my hair to locks of love
  90. most of our furniture has been given to us by friends and family who don't want theirs anymore. one day i dream of actually picking out the furniture we have in our home
  91. i don't like getting older
  92. if i have driven somewhere once, i can always find it again
  93. i do not like being in front of a group of people, i am a behind the scenes kind of person
  94. i love white water rafting
  95. i miss rock climbing with mitch
  96. i look forward to serve several missions with mitch when we are older
  97. i wish i had a better sense of style when it comes to clothing and decorating
  98. i love getting advice and ideas from other people
  99. i only dated mitch for 6 weeks before getting engaged. i swore i would never do that.
  100. i love my life!

phew! that was harder than i thought. well, actually i thought it would be hard and it was, but it was fun digging into the recesses of my mind to come up with 100 things about me. now, let's see your 100!


Amanda said...

Love your list! It was so much fun to make mine! I am with you on sleeping in everyday and having my hair in a ponytail...and sleeping with a sheet on. I am not a fan of dark chocolate though! My dad just got back from a white water river rafting trip so now I can't wait until my kids are a little older and we can all go on a trip together! Loving your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Malia said...

Hahah!! That was fun! Learned some interesting facts about you! I'll have to do that! What is it? just 100 things about you? No other rules? I wish we lived closer to each other too! Your foods teacher must have inhaled too much flour or something... who gets sent to the principals office for getting pantsed??? Hahah thats funny though. So I didn't know you want to go sky diving??? So do I!! And Dad wants to go too, maybe even Kawika... but i'm not sure, Dad I'm positive about! We should all go! Ok this is a long comment! Love you... I'll think about my 100 things k! I guess I could start with my list from 43 things... k Peace out!

Bridget said...

This was so great. Although I think there is a misprint in 85. There should be a "NOT". Reasons being- see numbers 11,20,36, 37 and 38.

It was fun learning more about you!

Pineapple Princess said...

Ya, I totally remember you now. I used to be a japanes tour guide. Kepi did night and day show and was in student gov. for a while.

I was just reading thru some of your old posts trying to figure out where you live and came upon this post. Ha, ha, we have so much in common! Like #'s 23,24, 27,30,31,35,40,53,56,60,64,65 (we did it--totally worth it), 70, 84, 100 and several more.

Thanks for writing back. I miss talking story abt. hawaii dayz and this helps me feel more connected!