Thursday, June 14, 2007

sad, but tender moment

for about the last month or two we have been watching a very diligent red robin build her nest and care for her eggs. this loving mother built her nest under the eaves on a water drain at the corner of our house. we have seen her carrying scraps of weeds and grass and other such materials out of our yard and the greenspace to make her nest safe and cozy for her baby birds. we have seen her digging up worms from our yard to feed her newly hatched babies. we have seen how very busy and dedicated she has been to her little newborns. they must have hatched sometime early this week.

well, this morning the girls wanted to show me something outside. so, they took me out to the back deck and there just off the back steps into our yard the nest had fallen from the waterspout. it was so sad! there were 4 dead baby birds laying around the nest. they were so new they didn't even have feathers on them yet. it made me want to cry! the girls explained to me that it had fallen the night before. they had been playing in the the backyard and the nest was up on the waterspout. they went inside to get something and when they came back out the birds and the nest were there on the ground.

i mentioned how sad i felt for the birds and pointed out how sad the mommie bird must be to have lost all four of her babies. then nani said, "yea! just like mary was when Jesus died!" how tender is that?! oh how i love our nani! she is so sweet and thoughtful! she has such a tender heart and a pure testimony of Jesus Christ!


Bridget said...

That is very sweet of Nani. I have been heart sick over a family my sister-in-law knows - she just lost her husband and three children in a car accident. How do you move on after that?

Diana said...

:( That's so sad.
...We've got a pair of doves in our backyard that have built a nest at eye level. They are now on their second batch of babies, which are about ready to take flight any day. Yesterday, baby #1 was practicing it's wing skills and flapping vigorously in the nest until momma bird pecked it over the head. Guess practice was over for the day. It's fun to see life evolve and unfold.

Mandy said...

that is so sad! I got teary eyed just reading sweet of nani, your girls are too cute.

Sarah said...

That is so sad!