Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the creeks

yesterday morning we woke up to a very noisy, but short thunderstorm. the girls came into my room and i asked them if they had heard the thunder and if it had scared them.

me: "did you guys hear the thunder?"
lala: "yea!"
me: "did it scare you?"
lala: "no, it didn't scare us. but it gave us the..." long pause, "it gave us the...what did it give us nani?"
nani: "it gave us the creeps!"

so, this morning lala said she heard thunder again (i must have slept right through it because i didn't hear anything). she said, "it gave me the CREEKS again!" stiffling my laughter, i asked what it feels like when you get "the creeks". she got her best thoughtful face, which i absolutely love, and then she said, "well, (pronounced whale) it feels like a bad guy is coming into the house!" hmmmmm, very interesting!

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Anonymous said...

I love how they invent their own words and definitions. My favorite story is still the kicking lesson with "Lola" which backfired. I can totally see the determined look on her face! :)