Monday, June 04, 2007

kawena and teething torture

tutu lady said we needed more pictures of kawena, and i agree! so here are some recent pictures of our sweet kawena.

she love to make this "o" face and breath out as she is doing it. it is very curious!

bathtime is always a funtime! splash, splash!

she loves to stick her tongue out like this a lot! i love to poke at it because she thinks it is so funny!

she managed to get baby food and bananas on practically ever inch of her face!

look at me i'm standing!

our poor girl is teething and is miserable! she doesn't want to eat and even when i nurse her i can tell she is hurting and uncomfortable. her gums are all swollen and i can see the teeth showing white under her skin. she's got snot flowing (sometimes flying, when she sneezes) from her nose and she gets so angry when i wipe it off. i put her down for a morning nap and she just moaned in her sleep and didn't even get a good rest. she's napping well now, thankfully. she is such a sad creature right now.

teeth, please break through so we can have our happy, sweet kawena back!


Teresa said...

Ahh...she is BEAUTIFUL!! I hope her teeth breath through and she gets happier again.

Bridget said...

She's so darn cute. Maren did the "o face" as a baby too! Too funny. I noticed while Kawena's been here that she does have her little tongue hanging out; its so cute.

Siouxsie said...

I can't believe how cute her laughing-in-the-tub face is!! Oh how sweet. We'll lead the cheering section for her teeth to break through. It's so sad to have an ouchy teether.

Malia said...

Aww... shes the cutest! did she pull her self up to standing? Wow! Getting so big already! Loves...