Sunday, June 24, 2007

look at me go!

uh-oh! get everything up off the floor because kawena is mobile!

yup, we have moved into a new stage in the life of kawena and the girls are learning pretty quickly that if they leave something of value on the floor it will get crumpled up, slobbered on, or just plain ruined! apparently, they are not learning fast enough! there have been some tears shed as a result of the littlest mason girl.

she is very quick these days and i believe she is loving this new found freedom! she loves taking laps around the couch, pausing only to look at a book or two as she passes the bookcase and maybe stopping again to suck on some plastic food in the play kitchen or a doll from the dollhouse. another favorite place of hers is under the desk playing with the cables to the computer. bad! i have seen mitch many times sitting at the computer working away while surrounded by a couch cushion barracade in an attempt to keep the baby out from under the desk! it's quite a sight, let me tell ya!

here is a glimpse of our little one in action.

she's quick, and i'm afraid she is only getting quicker. watch out!


Siouxsie said...

I have rarely seen Army crawling done that effectively. Boy, aren't you guys in trouble, adorable trouble!

Malia said...

Yay! Haha shes so cute!!! Miss You guys! Love the blog!!!

Bridget said...

Yes, the army crawl is so great! I love the defense by Lala. :)