Sunday, June 10, 2007


yesterday nani went to a birthday party at mcdonalds. lala was invited to stay and have a happy meal with all of the kids. the little toy was a "big z" with a surfboard from the movie surf's up. when we got home nani wantd to write an "n" on hers so they wouldn't fight over whose was whose. so she did and then lala wanted to write something on hers. mitched asked her if he should write "lala" on the bottom of big z's flippers. she thought about it and then said, "no, you should write LOLA!" i don't know where that came from, but we found us a new nickname for her, from now on i guess we'll call her lola.

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Bridget said...

that's really cute. she and ethan really are meant for each other. ethan about a year or so ago told us one night to call him effiki. it's a nickname that has stuck since!