Monday, June 04, 2007

nani's special day

last thursday nani had a very busy afternoon. it started with her "15 dancing princesses" dance recital. she was such a little princess!

after the dance recital we had time for a quick bite to eat. since it was nani's special day she picked red robin for dinner. after dinner we had to rush off to her school for her singing concert, "kindergarten celebration".

i know it is a horrible picture (nani is on the top row fourth one from the end), but it is the only one we got because the other girls had pretty much reached their limit for sitting and watching. halfway through the performance lala had to be dragged out of the auditorium by mitch kicking and screaming, in a not so quiet voice, "we can't go without mommie!" and i did an excellent job of ignoring the distraction. kawena was just squirmming and tired of sitting in the stroller and being held. not to mention, it was about 85 degrees in the auditorium.

nani's class was so adorable and boy did they sing out! they all looked like they were really enjoying themselves!

once we arrived home, i think nani was milking her "special day" for all she could get. when getting ready for bed she said, "can you get my toothbrush and toothpaste for me? it is my special day, you know!"

it was a wonderful, fun family night and we were so proud of nani and her two great performances. she really is such a joy! way to go nani!


Malia said...

Aww such a pretty princess!!!Wish I could have been there! Nani's a smart girl... I would try and milk it for all its worth too! Wouldn't you?

Bridget said...

Nani looks so pretty. Just reading about your day made me exhausted. Hope you put your feet up after the girls were in bed!

Siouxsie said...

You look so beautiful as a princess, Nani! I think you must really be a princess!