Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the new rig

we finally did it! we are the proud new owners of a fifth wheel trailer! it will be our home for july and august while we travel for mitch's 8 week sabbatical! yeehaw!! we cannot wait and are counting down the days till it starts on july 9th!

we brought it home this weekend (well, not really to our home, but to the home of a friend who lives in the country and can fit it on his property) and it official belongs to us! we found it last weekend and decided to buy it, and from that moment on we have not heard the end of it from our girls! everyday last week, several times a day they would ask, "are we picking up the trailer today?" then again a few hours later, then again.... you get the picture. we are so happy that they are so excited about it. they were disappointed when they weren't going to be able to sleep in it on saturday night when we picked it up.

the girls aren't the only ones excited, mitch and i are just as excited. the night we found it and bought it we went to bed and stayed up late talking and giggling about how much fun we will have. mitch told some funny stories of when he was a kid traveling with his family in their rv's. what memories we will make! we were like two kids on christmas morning! driving home that night i told mitch, "you know, i never would have owned an rv if it wasn't for you!" but this rv is amazing! and we got a great deal on it! the best part is that it is a bunkhouse, meaning the girls have their own separate room with an actual door. so we can put them to bed and close the door. they don't have to sleep in the middle of the living room! yipee! here's some pix of the rooms (it's a 2 bedroom!!):

the family that we bought it from are the original owners and they took it out maybe a total of 5 times since they bought it new in 2002. when we walked in it still had that brand new smell! if you've ever been in any used rv's that is a rarity! i was sold the moment i took a whiff! the girls were sold the moment they saw the triple bunks! they've already claimed their beds!

as i was looking through the kitchen cupboards, which were full of kitchenware, i jokingly said, "oh look it comes with dishes and pots and pans!" and they said, "oh yea, you can have whatever is in here!" so, it came fully stocked with towels, all the kitchen stuff, toilet paper, picnic blankets, collapsible laundry baskets, bedding, they even threw in the movie dvd hidalgo. i think there was even canned food in the pantry! haha!
anyway, can you tell i am excited?! here's nani showing how happy she is about her new "home away from home"! here she is sitting in the dinette (which actually slides out along with the couch behind her) about 3-4 feet to make for a very spacious (for an rv) living room.

we'll keep you post on our many rv adventures!

happy rving!


Bridget said...

That is so awesome! Way to go! Can't wait to hear about the adventures. Nathan's parents have an RV that looks exactly the same except without the second bedroom. It is so nice. You will have so much fun!

Rachael said...

It looks awesome!! You are going to have so much fun in that.