Monday, June 18, 2007


saturday afternoon, mitch's sister and family came for a short visit. they brought with them "cousin logan" to play with the girls. our girls were so excited to see their cousin. the last time they had seen her was almost 2 years ago in albuquerque. you know it's been too long when she walks up to you and says, "hi! i'm logan!" she is such a cute girl. logan is only 2 months younger than lala.
they are traveling in their camper, so we invited logan to spend the night with the girls in their room. they were super excited. it was logan's first sleepover. the girls did great, although it took several times of telling them to stop talking and singing several songs to them, before they finally settled down and went to sleep around 11:30. ugh! and i was sooo exhausted from going to sleep that morning at 4 am and not having time to take a nap. then, of course, we had to wake them up nice and early to go to church.
"how are your rice crispies?"
"pretty good. and yours?"
"great! listen...can you hear them talking?"
can't you just hear the girls talking?! i love this picture, they look so deep in conversation!

here are logan and lala getting ready for church. i love this shot from behind with the reflection in the mirror and the two of them sharing the stool. they were so cute together and got along really well.

after church the girls went into the back and i was able to get some really nice pictures of the girls. the baby was sleeping this whole time (she took like a 3 hour nap!!) so we didn't get any pictures of the four of them together. but here are some more of the 3 older girls.

then it was time for them to go and we were sad to see them leave.

hugs goodbye
we look forward to seeing them this summer in albuquerque and colorado!

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Your pictures are great and the mom trip sounded like a blast! Sounds like you need another vacation to recover from your last mini vacation. :)