Friday, June 08, 2007

12 hours

kawena slept 12 hours last night! yipee! she went down at 8pm and awoke at 8am.

for the past few weeks she has slowly been eliminating her nighttime feeding. in the past week or so she has been sleeping 9-10 hours at night, but last night was the first 12 hour night she's had! i am so excited! now, i just need to go to bed earlier so i can enjoy a full nights rest! that's the hard part!

note: still no teeth! ahhh! she is doing much better, though. no more moaning, miserable days, just minor grumps every once in awhile! i can see her pearly whites just barely under her skin!


Bridget said...

Forget about smiling, laughs, crawling. My favorite baby milestone is sleeping through the night! Congrats!

Teresa said...

That's great she is sleeping so well! TS is a really good sleeper, but he still wakes up to take a few swigs of breastmilk here and there. The neat thing is that he actually goes back to sleep - Emma was so different. I think she had a sleeping allergy for three years. I'm totally rambling - that is awesome about her sleeping so well! Isn't it hard to go to bed on time? I should probalby go to bed right now.