Wednesday, June 13, 2007

and the pampering continues...

i don't know who or what yon-ka is, but he/she/it knows how to pamper a girls face! my face enjoyed a yon-ka french facial tonight! so, i've never had a facial before tonight, but all in all it was pretty nice. i can't say that i enjoyed every moment of the facial, but now, my face is feeling great!

before the facial began, the facialist (is that what they are called? or am i just making that up?) told me that for the most part it would be a relaxing facial, however there was a part of the cleansing process that would "tingle". she told me that that is what i wanted it to do because it meant it was doing what it was supposed to. okay?!

she begins by alternatingly rubbing "product" on my face then wrapping my face in warm towels, and repeating this process. everything is going well and i am feeling very relaxed as she massages my face and neck and shoulders. then i hear this hissing sound. i think, "hmm that's odd." then i feel this mist being blown onto my face. it has a very strong smell that hurts when i breath it in. as i'm taking shallow breaths i'm thinking, "i sure hope this doesn't last long, i need to breath!" the hissing stops and gratefully i inhale deeply. then my face starts to "tingle" and i'm thinking, "oh good! that's what she said i wanted it to do." but then the tingle turns into a slow burn. while my face feels like it is on fire, she is massaging my scalp and neck. i think she does this to distract me, unsuccessfully, from my burning face. not soon enough, she rubs the burn from my face and i instantly feel it cool off. she does this only one more time and the rest of the facial i am able to relax!

i loved the cleansing and the masque, the massaging and the rubbing, but i could have done without the "nostril burning fire mist". but in all honesty, i think my face seems more refreshed now and not so tired looking. and in the end i would do it again if given the option!

i must say thanks to my awesome husband and my dear, sweet mom for this week of pampering! last october for my birthday they both gave me a day at the spa in the form of a gift card. they thought it would be the perfect gift for an 8 month pregnant mom. and it was! so, on my actual birthday (the 6th) i got a wonderfully relaxing pre-natal massage. however, kawena was born a week later (3 weeks early) so the rest of my spa day had to be postponed, and i am just now finishing the last of it. so, thank you , thank you , thank you for a taste of the pampered life!! i love you mitch and mom!


Mandy said...

FYI: Their called esthiticians (I probably spelled that wrong) anyways I only know because my friend is one. I have to admit still some jealousy going on. I need a day of pampering too!!

Malia said...


Tutu lady said...

Someday the 3M's (Mahina, Malia & Mom) will have to do this together. Yah?