Saturday, June 23, 2007

library fountain

we have a great park next to the library that has this fun fountain that the girls love to play in. we went there this week after stopping in at the library and i snapped some great shots of the girls. they had to have their goggles on, which i thought was just to funny. of course, they were the only ones with goggles on! they had a blast!


Bridget said...

Those are really cute. Your girls and their goggles! I noticed they donned them for the sprinkler photos as well. :)

Rachel's Roost said...

I want your camera. I covet and am green with envy. . . :) A nice new camera is definitely in our future. (sometime!!!) Will you take our Christmas card pics this year??? :)

Doug and Jami said...

Hi Mahina! You have beautiful girls. Hope you don't mind but Leslie passed on your blog spot and I just couldn't resist taking a peek. You can see what we've been up to lately at our site I'm not as good at posting but at least it's something. Take care.
Jami Ward