Thursday, June 07, 2007

new puppy!

today i finally gave in a bought a new puppy! she was just too adorable to pass up. i was walking through the aisles and this puppy just kept saying, "buy me! buy me! you must to buy me, now!" so i did. i brought her home with me and she was such a good puppy that i gave her some doggie treats! she really liked them. at first it was difficult for her to eat the treats out of the bowl, but she quickly learned and really enjoyed it! here she is eating out of her bowl:

and here she is showing me her doggie treat (aka grape):

good girl!

my puppy is teaching me how to speak "puppy". i will share what i have learned so far today. my puppy will say:
  • "when i do this, 'ha' (pant once), it means i want to play!"
  • "when i do this, 'bark', it means i can't get in."
  • "when i do this, 'haha' (pant twice) it means look at me."
  • "when i do this, 'ruff ruff', it means i got hurt."
  • "when i do this 'hahaha' (pant three times), it means i am stuck."

she is a very smart puppy and i am sure glad i bought her today and brought her home to live with us! won't nani be thrilled when she gets home from school!


Teresa said...

That is SO cute!! She is the cutest puppy I've ever seen;-)

Bridget said...

Now that's my kind of puppy!

Siouxsie said...

I never thought I could really enjoy a puppy that much but this one seems like a definite exception. She probably smells a lot better when giving puppy kisses than your average puppy would. :-)