Thursday, June 28, 2007


yesterday we went to omsi with our friends, the dimit's. for those of you who don't know what omsi is, it is the oregon museum of science and industry. we bought a year pass to the museum last may and it expires in 2 days, so we decided to take one last trip to the museum. we had a great time exploring the exhibits and learning through play. here nani and lala are learning about air propulsion rockets. they filled an empty water bottle with air and then released it. they learned that the more air pressure that builds up inside the bottle, the farther it would go up the wire.

one of nani's favorite places to play is in the water exhibit. they have boots and aprons for the kids to wear and they can learn how water works as they play and splash around in the water. as you can see in this picture she watching the water spiral around as she pours it out of the watering can.

by far, lala's favorite place to play is the sand. the moment we arrived she asked me where she could put her shoes and asked me to roll up her pants so she could go play in the sand. she was in there for at least 1 1/2 hours. we asked her if she wanted to eat, the answer, "no!" when nani and alexis went to get their faces painted we asked if lala wanted to do it too, the answer, "no!" she was enjoying herself way too much in the sand. when she was done she told me she had made a new friend in the sand who she help get sand for. what a sweet girl!
like i mentioned above, nani got her face painted with a purple flower. they also had a soft little leopard gecko that nani was brave enough pet.

lala and i found a fun area of the museum that was dedicted to water. she was able to build a sailboat using different boat peices and sails, to see what worked the best. then she put the finished sailboat in the water where a fan was blowing so she could see her boat go.

and little kawena was so good the whole time. very good, considering that she didn't get her nap due to all the fun her sisters were having! i though she might fall asleep in her stroller, but she never did. she was just content to snack and chew on her stroller seatbelt strap. how did we get so lucky?!
we all had such a fun day! the girls were great! they didn't throw any fits and when it was time to go they left without a fight or a complaint! surprised me! they each were rewarded with a long, rubber snake, (much to elizabeth's dismay! sorry elizabeth, i didn't know of your deep dislike for snakes!) who would have known that would bring them such joy! thanks girls for a wonderful day!


Amanda said...

Sounds like such a great day! I will definately have to take my kids there when we arrive in Oregon. Looking forward to it!

Darilyn said...

Hi Mahina, I love your blog. You really have such a beautiful family. I remember hours of sitting by that sand pit as well while Heidi and Emma played. Makenzie and chris were always off looking at everything else.