Wednesday, August 01, 2007

sea world, part one

so, we went to sea world yesterday and, oh my goodness has it changed from the last time i went when i was a girl. it is a completely different place! the girls loved the dolphin and shamu shows, as well as the sea lions and otters show. they also had this crazy cirque de la mer show with acrobats and jester-like looking clowns, it was weird but super cool! there was this one lady that was seriously the most flexible person i've ever seen, it was almost creepy. then, if you've ever seen oceans eleven, there were like 10 "grease men" that were climbing up poles and hanging off them in all sorts of crazy angles. they were so strong!! it was an amazing acrobatic show!

we saw sharks and polar bears and penguins. we picked up star fish and touched sting rays (i will post pictures one of these days).

sea world even had a few rides! they never had rides when i was a kid! of course the lines were long so we didn't wait in line for all of them, we actually only went on one. we got a 2 day pass because it was the exact same price as the one day pass, so we will be going back again tomorrow and hope to catch the rides we didn't go on, and mitch wants to feed the dolphins and the sea lions.

as we were parking, we could see one of the rides from the parking lot. it had some pretty steep drops and curves and i told mitch, "i'll bet you that lala won't be tall enough to ride that, but she will want to go on it and nani will be tall enough, but won't want to go." sure enough, lala wanted to go, but was 3 inches too short (that girl needs to eat her veggies! ;-) and got turned away and nani didn't want anything to do with it! poor lala! maybe she will remember this and start eating better! we can always hope, but knowing her it won't change a thing!

the best part, was that tutu lady (my mom) came down monday night and brought kele and katrina (the girls cousins) with her. my mom was only able to stay one night and left after sea world, but kele and katrina are staying with us until we go up to newport on friday! everyone has been having so much fun. we've gone to the pool twice already and the park, here at the koa kampground. kele and nani are a year apart and the are having a great time playing together. boy, i wish we lived closer!

we all look forward to another fun day at sea world, tomorrow!


Darilyn said...

yeah, i have two girls just like that. Makenzie never goes on those rides and Emma couldn't wait to be tall enough.

Siouxsie said...

I'm so happy you guys are having such a great time. What a scrapbook this will make! And what memories it will leave your whole family many fun and funny stories to tell for years to come. Keep the stories coming because we love reading them, although pictures would be good too. (Hint, hint.) Drive safe!!

Merilee said...

Sounds like such a blast. I love Sea World!

Malia said...

Hahah! Thats classic... nani and Lala and the ride! Seriously though... we need some pictures! I had no idea that Kele and Katrina were down there with you guys! and for so long!!! How fun!!! Wish I was there!