Sunday, July 29, 2007

tag i'm it

darilyn tagged me, so let's see what i can come up with.

1) four jobs i've had:
  • personal trainer at 24 hour fitness
  • physical therapy assistant at IHC
  • polynesian model at PCC (i'm in hundreds of japanese tourists pictures! haha)
  • lori's kitchen food seller

2) four movies i can watch anytime:

  • pride and prejudice (6 hour) didn't i watch it with you merilee and darilyn??
  • 13 going on 30
  • sound of music
  • bourne identity

3) four places i have lived:

  • newport beach, ca
  • laie, hi
  • del rio, tx
  • beaverton, or

4) four tv shows i love: (this is difficult, seeing as we don't have a tv, but if we did i think i would watch these four. no, correction, i know i would for sure watch the first 2 listed!)

  • 24 (i know i would watch these since we watch each season after they are out on dvd in about 4 days staright!)
  • the office (watched all of these on dvd, too! hillarious!)
  • csi
  • probably some hgtv or discovery channel show???

5) four foods i love:

  • anything my dad cooks
  • sauteed string beans with pork (malia makes the best)
  • mitch's macaroni grill bread with his flank steak/lemon chicken
  • caramel brownies

6) four websites i visit daily:

  • my blog and my friends blogs
  • library website (to make sure i don't have anything overdue, i've been really bad the past few months racking up overdue fines, and to see if any of my requested items have arrived)
  • craigslist (not daily, but i do like to look)

7) four places i'd rather be visiting:

  • my family in newport beach (i'll be there in 4 days!!)
  • fiji
  • my sister, if she were in hawaii (she'll be going back in august)
  • victoria, bc just me and mitch (i loved that trip!)

8) four people i tag:

  • malia
  • terri
  • rachel
  • heidi


Malia said...

I'm tagged? Does that mean I get to answer the same questions on my blog? Miss you love you! Hope youre having fun at Sea World!!! Remember when I wanted to be Shamoo when I grew up. oh well guess all dreams can't come true! Haha

Merilee said...

awesome list!! Yes, I believe we did watch P&P together. That seems like forever ago.

Darilyn said...

The food you listed sounds so good. especially the green beans. I'm curious as to why you check almost daily if you don't have t.v.?

Bridget said...

What a great list! And yes somehow I do remember your trip with Mitch to Victoria BC. :)

Mahina said...

i check (not for news and such. it is not a tv site, but more like a news (entertainment, music, headlines) type site.