Sunday, July 15, 2007

trip quotes and such, thus far

on day two of our trip:
nani: "daddy, i have a secret for you."
mitch: "what's that?"
nani: "i'm not having very much fun on our trip."
mitch: "ahhh, why is that?"
nani: "because i am always sweaty!"
it has been in the high 90's and low 100's our whole trip! so, that night mitch took the girls to the indoor pool at the casino hotel by the wildhorse rv park we were staying at. she's had fun ever since!

on day four while eating breakfast right before going to the water park:
lala: "we've all got sooo much to do today! go swimming, go down slides, and do the dishes."

during our lunch break from the water park, we noticed that the grapes had fermented in the heat of the previous days long journey!

today, day six:
nani: "daddy, there is a small motherboard in this dvd player."
boy, that made mitch proud!! his six year old knows what a motherboard is and can recognize it in the dvd player!

lala (during her second potty stop of the day, 20 minutes after her first potty stop):
"mommie, i pushed out ALL of the water so daddy won't be mad!"
10 minutes later we hear from the backseat: "i need to go tinkles, but i can hold it."
mitch and i just laughed. at least we don't have to drive to the nearest gas station, we can just pull over on the side of the road and go in the fifth wheel!


Darilyn said...

Keep the quotes coming. I LOVE them.

Mandy said...

Your girls are too cute! I cant wait for Mikaila to start talking...I can only imagine what will come out of her mouth!

Malia said...


Merilee said...

It is so fun getting to hear about your trip and some of the adorable things your girls say! Does anyone besides me ever feel like you have your sneaky spy goggles on? Checking out other families awesome lives?