Friday, July 20, 2007


my dear, sweet mitch turned 34 today! so, in honor of him, i want to make a list. i love lists! this one is for the 34 reasons i loved him then and still love him now! this is for you sweetheart, in no particular order:

  1. your laughter
  2. i was a better person whenever we were together
  3. you were the answer to my prayer
  4. you said, "mahina, i adore you!" what girl doesn't want to be adored!
  5. when you propsed, you repeatedly told me, "this music box was REALLY expensive!" and the whole time i'm thinking, "so, what, you want to take it back?"
  6. you cared about everybody, not just me
  7. you had a VERY fast bike and when i asked if i could go for a ride you said, "I only have one rule. you gotta hold on REALLY tight!" and i think i managed just fine!
  8. hiking the narrows, canoeing provo river, housebaoting lake powell, camping
  9. you were very sly, yet confident; the "unplanned/spur-of-the-moment", that's disputable, first date to macaroni grill, the hand on the leg under the blanket across the campfire from the guy i was dating. boy, you sure know how to send a girls mind into turmoil, i didn't sleep a wink that night.
  10. the narrows, "looks good to me!"
  11. your testimony that you shared after the lake powell trip
  12. your incredible blue eyes
  13. you took me to the temple
  14. you told me, more than once, "if i were you i'd fall in love with me!" persistence, that is a great quality!
  15. you are respectful and honorable
  16. you're a funny guy
  17. you encourage me to pursue the things that i have a passion for
  18. you are an awesome daddy to our three girls
  19. you are incredibly patient, such an example to me
  20. you think i am funny
  21. "it's your face that is funny to me!"
  22. you sing lullabies to the girls
  23. you go to the gym and workout so you are strong and healthy.
  24. you got some big guns! the nurse needs the xtra large blood pressure cuff for you! hehe!
  25. you cook dinner every sunday
  26. i want to be a better person because of you
  27. you can fix anything, and if you don't know how, you will find out how and then fix it
  28. you want to buy land and build a house together (hopefully it will be very soon)
  29. you ran with me even though you hate running, though it was a bit deceiving ;-), i still enjoyed it
  30. you let the girls work with you on whatever project you are doing, even though it would go a lot faster if they didn't "help"
  31. you built a crib for nani, a bonus room for our family, a playhouse with a slide for the girls, and a beautiful yard for us to enjoy
  32. you have a good sense of humor and patience for my blogging addiction
  33. you helped me through three drug free childbirths, i NEVER could have done it without your help!!
  34. you are my best friend and i love you!

here's celebrating my love and gratitude for your wonderful 34 years, of which i have been a part of 8 of them.


Siouxsie said...

Happy Birthday, Mitch! What a nice present your wife got for you. The list is a great idea, Mahina. So many people get so busy focusing on the things they don't like that they miss all the fun of marrying a cute boy and spending the rest of your life (and eternity) with him!
Hope you guys are enjoying your sabbatical.
:-) Siouxsie

Darilyn said...

Happy Birthday Mitch! He is lucky to have you Mahina!

Bridget said...

Happy birthday Mitch! What a great list. Glad you found a great match. You're both lucky!

Merilee said...

Sneaky spy goggles!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been 8 years!!! Time flies. Happy Birthday to Mitch. You guys are a great couple, and #9 made me laugh. Go Mitch!
XO, Diana

Tutu lady said...

Oh, man! you reminded me and I still forgot. I must plead, "too busy" this week and do something about it when we see Mitch. Please tell him, "We love you, and have a Happy Birthday month! See you soon. Love, Tutus