Friday, July 27, 2007

how could i?

today, we traveled from albuquerque, nm to flagstaff, az. about halfway into our trip we stopped in gallup, nm to make some sandwiches for dinner and for a diaper change/potty break. in the parking lot of the truck stop there was this cute stagecoach that had "gallup, nm" painted on it and the girls were playing in it. i saw this and my blogging brain kicked in and i thought, "that would make a great picture for our road trip!" in that same moment i got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, "where is the camera?" i didn't even have to look for it, i just knew that it was not with us in the truck or the trailer. sure enough, after a quick search there was no camera to be found.

sick at the thought that we left it back in albuquerque, i began making phone calls. then, it just came to me. i knew exactly where it was. i had left it in the bedroom that we stayed in at the worthen's house. and, of course, luck would have it, that they left today for a trip to utah. ahhhhh! what was i to do??! i cannot survive the rest of our trip without the camera, i already have over 700 pictures on the sd card and we are only halfway through our trip! i love my camera so much and i would not be able to use anything else! i'm a bit of a camera snob!

thankfully, my sister is living in albuquerque for the summer. so, i called her up to see if she could go into the house using the hide a key and get the camera. her husband was in the area and was able to go by the house and, sure enough, he found it exactly where i knew i had left it.

now that it has been found we need to get it to us before we go to sea world on tuesday. so, tomorrow morning malia, my angel sister whom i love soo much, is going to have to overnight the camera to my parents in newport beach. then, my mom, who is coming down monday to stay with us in san diego so she can go with us to sea world, will have to bring it with her. hopefully, she won't have to wait too long monday to get it from the dhl guy so she can join us.

crazy, crazy! i sure hope it all works out! i could just kick myself for being so distracted to leave the camera, of all things! i mean, up until this morning, the thing has practically grown attached to me!

malia and stuart, you are my camera saviors and i love you so much! thank you, thank you, thank you!! i owe you big time!!

i guess arizona will just have to be a memory in mind and not in picture! i guess i could use nani's $50 digital camera, but like i said before, i am a camera snob and the pictures would not be good enough! but i guess bad pictures are better than no pictures??! hmmm, i'm not sure i am convinced!

so, those of you waiting for pictures will have to wait even longer. mitch, so thoughtfully just said, "sunday would have been the perfect day to download pictures and post them." thanks for that, mitch! just addin' salt to the wound!


Darilyn said...

that's amazing that you knew right where you had left it. Me? I wouldn't have known and it would be lost until the people called me saying,"is this your camera?" Glad you found it.

Mona said...

got your message last night about 11:00pm after our date night. I was going to call this morning to tell you the camera is not here but then I read all about it. So sorry.

Merilee said...

Dang Mahina, that is terrible! My camera is attached to me as well. What awesome family you have to rescue you like that.