Thursday, July 26, 2007

learning the hard way

we are staying at a friends house last night and tonight here in albuquerque, new mexico. this morning, nani was playing with a blender that she found in her bedroom. mitch and i both asked her to stop and told her it was not a toy. 2 seconds latter she pushes the button again. very sternly, mitch tells her to put it back where she got it and not to play with it again.

fast forward to tonight...

she finds the blender again and pushes the button. i reminder her that it is not a toy and to stop touching it. this was all happening as the girls were supposed to be getting ready for bed, of which lala was doing very well. so, i was in the bathroom helping lala finish brushing her teeth. we finish and go back into their room and nani hurries out to go rinse and spit. she comes back into the bedroom crying with a bloody finger, "mommie, i'm bleeding. i need a band-aid!"

"what happened? did you scratch it on something in the bathroom?"

"i don't know, it just is bleeding! i need a band-aid!"

"how did it happen?"

"i don't remember! i need a band-aid! it hurts!"

so, we go clean it and bandage it up. nani goes back into her room. i go out into the living room to chat with our friends and i hear nani just bawling in the bedroom. i figure she is just still crying about her hurt fiinger. but the crying continues on and on. lala tells me she wants to go to bed, so i carry her into the bedroom and nani is sitting on her bed looking terribly dejected. she looks up at me through her lashes and bawls, "mommie, i am so sorry!"

"about what?"

"i did something you asked me not to do and i hurt me fingers!"

"what's that?"

"i was playing with the blender and i heard you coming. so, i tried to stop the spinning with my fingers and it cut me!"


hmmmm!? maybe i should listen to mommie and daddy! what do you think?

lesson learned!


Rachel's Roost said...

Oh this is scary! Was the blender actually running? Yowser!

Malia said...

Ouch! That could have been way worse than just a cut on the finger... or was it pretty bad? Haha... remember dad and the lawnmower story... not quite as bad as that one huh?

Tutu lady said...

That was way too scary! Tell Nani, "I love her and am so glad she still has 10 fingers. Love, Tutu