Monday, July 16, 2007

catch up, part 1: arriving at cherry hill

i am beginning the attempt of going back and blogging about our vacation. there was about two or three weeks when we didn't have internet access, so i was unable to post anything about our trip. we had so much fun and so much happened during that time that i want to write about it. the task just seems huge. so, i am going to go back and write about it in little snipits, as time permits.

way back at the beginning of our trip i wrote about how wonderfully our trip started (grizwold summer vacation), well since then things have gone much better!

on day 3, thursday july 12th, we finally pulled into the cherry hill rv resort in utah at about 11 pm. we were exhausted from driving ALL day, and i mean all day (we left at 7 am), from pendelton, oregon. mitch waned to get an early start to try and make it to kaysville that day/night, and to bet the heat. so he got up at 6 am and hooked up the trailer while we all slept. he pulled us out at 7 am, while we still slept. the girls didn't get up until 8:30 am. we had some breakfast in the trailer while mitch drove. things were going pretty well until the trailer started warming up (we can't run the ac while driving) and we began to drive through the curvy mountains. i was the first one to start feeling a little queasy. about 5 minutes later i hear, "mommie, my tummy hurts!" from nani who had been laying down at the dinnette. i inform mitch, via the two-way radio, that we are going to have to pull over and move us up into the truck. however, being that we were in the mountains, there was nowhere to pull over. so mitch let us know that we had to keep driving until the next off ramp.

meanwhile, i go digging through the cupboards in search of some good "just in case" bowls for nani and me. i grab a stack of 3 bowls, keep one for myself, give one to nani and the third one i just leave on the couch next to me. so, there we are, nani and i trying our best to keep our breakfast in our stomachs, kawena, thank goodness, was sleeping, and then there's lala. i look up to see her with the extra bowl on her head as she says, big grin on her face, "look mommie, it's a hat!" i guess she got the iron stomach! i tried my best to encourage her joyful discovery, while trying my hardest not to vomit on her.

i am happy to report that we didn't see our breakfast again that morning. once we were up in the truck, in the cool air conditioning, able to look out the front window, we felt great! we reached our trip high that day of 106 degrees, so it was agood thing we were inside the truck and not the trailer. it was a hot day and a very long drive, but the girls were troopers and incredibly great travellers! i credit part of it to the portable dvd players we got right before we left on our trip. they are heaven sent, especially since it was against the law to ride in the trailer while in idaho, utah, and new mexico.

it was such a relief to finally reach our destination that night (we were supossed to have arrived on wednesday afternoon. we had reservations and everything), and we looked forward to the activities planned for the next day....

the cherry hill water park!!


Merilee said...

Your kids must really love having an awesome mom like you! You know, the kind of mom that doesn't vomit on them!

Malia said...

Hahaha!!! Look mommie its a Hat! thats funny! Good thing you were able to keep it in, or else the hat would have been ruined! Fun stuff!