Wednesday, August 01, 2007

curious conversations that gave us the giggles

conversation one: mitch and mahina

background: we were in line for the journey into atlantis ride. mitch was reading the warnings sign and it said something about not riding if you were pregnant, or had back or heart problems, you know the normal things that they have to say. in this same sentence it mentioned not to ride if you had a cervical brace or neck brace.

mitch: "you're not wearing your cervical brace are you?"

me: "uhhh?? no?! what do you mean?" very confused look on my face

mitch: pointing to the sign, "up there! what's a cervical brace?"

me: "oh, it's like a neck brace, i guess. you know for your cervix!"

mitch: "uhh, mahina, i don't have a cervix!"

realizing what i had said, my eyes got huge and the giggles ensued, you know the uncontrollable ones that make you cry and your cheeks hurt?! we couldn't stop giggling! kele and katrina were wondering what was so funny!


conversation two: mitch and the kids

background: mitch and katrina went to in n out to pick up dinner after sea world, while tutu and i went back to the trailer to get the rest of us ready for bed. tutu wanted a burger with extra grilled onions, but instead they ordered extra onions which tutu does NOT like ( i don't blame her! yuck!) tutu, the baby and i were eating inside the trailer, while everyone else was eating outside. when i grabbed tutu's burger to take it in, i noticed the onions and told them that she asked for grilled onions. a few minutes later this is what we heard:

kele (seven years old): "now, remember guys, tutu lady only likes girled onions!"

katrina (12 years old) giggling: "yeah, she doesn't like boy onions, just girl onions! because girled onions are soft and sweet and boy'd onions are hard and raw!"

giggles ensued outside all around the dinner table, while tutu and i laughed from inside the trailer.


Merilee said...

you guys are hilarious!!!

Malia said...

haha! funny stuff! hope youre having fun!!! love you!

Tutu lady said...

Yes! I love my girled onions! No boyed onions for me.

Bridget said...

Hmmm, sounds like you need an anatomy lesson. I'm afraid Mitch is right. That is too funny!