Wednesday, August 15, 2007


the girls LOVE the tidepools! today we looked for crabs, and fishes, and sea anemones. we found all three. i tried to convince the girls to touch the sea anemones, but they would have nothing to do with it! i told them the anemone would give their finger a hug if they touched it, but they would not get that close to them. i loved exploring with them and seeing there excitement at all the creatures crawling around in the tiny pools of water. here are some pictures:

nice bum in the background! (note to self: i need to learn to photoshop unwanted things out of my pictures, that would be the first thing to go!):

cute bum cheek weggie:

the hermit crabs:


Malia said...

How fun!!! Everyone looks so cute! I'm so happy that youre getting to do so much fun stuff out there! It looks like everyone is feeling better so thats good news! Love you! wish we were there!

Elizabeth said...

Such fun! I love Kawena's face plant! She's growing so big. And what fun to be a surfer girl. Or should I say boogie boarder girl? :-)

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I always seem to get other people's behinds in my beach photos, too. Why is that?

Cute pics. Looks like a great time.

Merilee said...

Fun Times! How much longer do you have on your trip?

Bridget said...

Oh, what a great time you are having! Did you hear I got a flat on our bike ride and Rachael fixed it! She's awesome. However, it is now flat again so I think there must have been something still wedged in there. We were pretty pleased we got it riding again though. We miss you!