Monday, August 13, 2007

catch-up, part 4 hiking miller creek, vallecito, colorado

after we left utah, we went to vallecito, in the southwest corner of colorado. mitch's grandma (grandma great to our girls) has a cabin in the mountains there were his family spends most of the summer every year. we planned to stay there for about 10 days. it was such a peaceful and relaxing place to be. we were finally able to stay in one place for more than two days, which was very nice. no unhooking and plugging in only to rehook and unplug the next day. we loved our time there and we took some great pictures, which i intend to share. we went hiking, boating, pony riding and went to the bar-d wranglers! the best part about our stay in colorado was that my sister and her husband came up from albuquerque for 5 days to be with us!

on friday july 20th, mitch's birthday, i left in the truck for the long drive to albuquerque to pick up malia and stuart. we got back about 10 pm that evening. i hardly even saw mitch on his b-day. poor guy! in fact, he was working all day trying to fix a water hydrant on grandma great's property.

while he was working lala and nani were out there "helping" mitch and grandpa. after mitch had been working for several hours lala says, "hey! wait a minute! there's no working on your birthday!!" that got a laugh out of everyone there!

on saturday, we decided to go for a hike up miller creek. it was a great little hike and not too hard for the girls. nani and lala had fun throwing rocks in the creek. lala impressed us all as she progressively picked up bigger and bigger rocks. i think by the time we left she had found a rock that weighed as much as she did and actually picked it up and threw it in the water.

it was funny to see her bending over to feel the water or pick up rocks because her pants were too big for her so you could see her panties sticking out everytime. too bad her panties matched her pants so well!

here are some of my favorites fom the hike:

my sister took this shot and i think it is awesome! nani jumping across the creek:

this is uncle stuart cooling his hot head:

this is a great picture of the girls with their uncle stuart:

here is a family picture, minus the baby. fortunately, kawena slept the whole time back at the cabin while we were on the hike, but unfortunately she wasn't in this "family" photo. uncle stuart, the funny guy that he is, was making us all laugh:

super fun day!


Bridget said...

What fun. That Lala is a tough chic. Stuart looks like what one of Merilee's boys may look like when older. I don't know why I thought of them when I saw Stuart.

Boston's blog said...

he does have a bit of the Rockwell look.

Darilyn said...

The hike sounds like so much fun. It looks like a really beautiful place too.

Amanda said...

Looks like so much fun! I love to hike but don't do much. Maybe now that we are close to the gorge? Glad that you are having fun and staying safe!