Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i wanna be just like you, mom

i was blogging this afternoon on my moms laptop, next thing i know, lala sets up her laptop right next to me and starts playing with it. i thought it was too cute!

she asked for the laptop for christmas because whenever mitch was working on his for work, she would want to touch it and mitch would tell her that she couldn't. so, one day in december, she said, "mommie, i want a laptop computer so i can play with it when daddy is on his computer. then i won't have to touch daddy's."


Amanda said...

So cute! None of my kids want to be just like me...but my oldest son wants to be just like his dad. Hid dad just started a trip-hazard removal company so my son plays and pretends that there are trip-hazards that he has to fix. So cute.

Bridget said...

That is so cute although I can NOT let my kids see. They have all been wanting their own computer. I let them use my laptop on occasion and I am to the point where I think it would be nice sometimes to not have to share mine. :)

Any word from your realtor? The market seems way slow now unfortunately. The Carters decided to put their house up to rent because there are just no buyers now.