Saturday, August 04, 2007

sea world, part 2

so, thursday we went back for some more sea world fun in the sun. this time mitch had written up a schedule of where we would go and at what time we would be there. we were serious sea world goers the second time around and we were not going to miss anything!! that may seem weird and unspontaneous that we had it all scheduled out, but it actually worked out very well! our schedule looked something like this:

feed dolphins: 1:30
dolphin show: 2:30
shanu's happy place (i think it was actually called shamu's happy harbor, but we liked happy place better, hehe! basically the playground): 3:00
pet's rule show: 4:00
polar bear's: 4:30
manatee: 5:30
haunted light house: 6:30
shamu night show: 7:30
seal show/rapid ride:8:15

we didn't go until later in the day because we wanted to see the shamu night show, but didn't want to be there all day. we didn't enter the park until 1:28 so we thought our schedule was shot from the beginning, but we were able to feed the dolphins on time! i just love dolphins! they just are such happy animals, always smiling. the kids had fun being so close to them and being able to touch them.

the rest of the day was great fun! the weather was sunny and warm. mitch, katrina and i wanted to get wet all day, lala was undecided, and nani and kele wanted nothing to do with the soak zones during the shows. come on! i mean, who goes to sea world and doesn't want to get wet?!

the hot and sweaty non-soak zone kids waiting for the dolphin show to start

the brave, sensible soak zoners waiting for the dolphins to cool them off

i just realized that this computer is weird. i can only view my post in html format while typing, so this may be all skiwampus. i will just let it go and not let it bother me, which is more difficult for me than you night think because of my perfectionistic tendencies. it will be ok!

alright, back to sea world. right before the shamu night show we had time to go on the shipwreck rapids ride. those of us that wanted to cool off and get wet got the chance. unfortunately by then the sun was starting to set and as it set the temperatures cool quite a bit. by the time katrina and i got to the front of the line we were shivering and we hadn't even gotten wet yet. but since we had waited in line for 45 min, we decided to go. talk about DRENCHED! though we shivered the rest of the night it sure was worth it!


Darilyn said...

Those pictures are so cool! I want to feed dolphins! I bet your kids loved that. I saw that picture of Nani and I swear she has grown since you left!

Rachel's Roost said...

So fun! I want to pet a dolphin! I'm enjoying all the fun news from your trip!

Rachel's Roost said...

So fun! I want to pet a dolphin! I'm enjoying all the fun news from your trip!

Merilee said...

your blog looks great, html shmhtml! It sounds like so much fun. I would definately be with ya in the soak zone.