Saturday, August 25, 2007

welcome to oregon

yup, we are almost home and i have mixed feelings about this:

the bad:
  • real life must start again
  • going home to a home that we still own and must show while living in it
  • the vacation is almost over
  • all that living space, the girls will get lost
  • getting ready for school to start
  • having a schedule
  • mitch going back to work in a week
  • not seeing new places and exploring with the girls
  • having to unpack

the good:

  • working out again, 8 weeks without exercise is NOT pretty!
  • still having a home
  • washer and dryer and dishwasher
  • room to spread out
  • school starts in a week
  • having a scedule (getting the girls back on their sleeping schedule is what i am most looking forward to)
  • our big, comfy bed
  • seeing all of our wonderful friends again
  • driving in my quiet tahoe that has so much space
  • internet access 24/7
  • kawena won't have to sleep in the middle of the living room and kitchen
  • being able to make noise after we put the kids to bed

i've got this mind set that if we don't go home the vacation won't end. i wish it were true. why can't we just be independently wealthy so mitch doesn't have to work and we can just travel and play! ahh, that would be the life. i guess i better wake up and get back to reality!


Bridget said...

Yeah!!! Glad you are almost home! If you're back in time, we're doing a girls night out Thursday. Hope you can come!

Amanda said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just do fun things all the time. I wish! I guess that is what keeps us motivated to work hard now so we can retire later!

As hard as it will be for you to come back, we are glad you are! 24/7 internet access for you is good for us!

Bouncing Balls said...

We are so glad your back! Yeah!!!

Merilee said...

Welcome Home!!

Elizabeth said...

We're so glad you're home! And, speaking of coincidences...what are the chances of seeing you at the last rest stop before home? I'm so glad I got to hold Kawena in church today...glad to know I've still got the touch! :-)

Darilyn said...

Glad you are home Mahina!