Monday, August 13, 2007

what's happening to our baby?

i cannot believe how much kawena has changed since we left on july 10th. there are so many milestones that babies reach between 6 months and a year and it seems that she is reaching a lot of them on our trip. she will be a different baby when most of you see her again! let's see what she has done:

* gone from army crawling to crawling. she is pretty fast these days!
* she is pulling herself up on everything she can
* she even let's go of whatever she is holding onto and stands for a few seconds
* she dances to music while standing. the other day she stood up let go and bounced/danced for a few seconds
* she's gone from barely getting 2 teeth to almost having six. she's working on 4 of her top teeth right now, 2 of them broke through today. this is blurry, but you can see her new teeth on top.

* she is a little chatter box and has a bunch of new sounds
* she climbs stairs. found that out tonight at my brothers house when we heard, "uhhh, someone better get the baby!" we all looked up and she was halfway up the staircase!
* she is eating so many new foods! she loves tomatoes and even likes spinach!
*she discovered sand today. i'm not sure what she thought of it. she just kind of sat there and didn't really know what to do.

it is so fun to see her changing and trying new things. it is so cute to see how excited and proud she is of herself when she shows off her new talents and discoveries!

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