Saturday, August 11, 2007

ok, so we're not done yet!

nani started in with a headache tonight at 4:30, just as we dropped the girls of with their cousin so we could go see the bourne ultimatum (awesome movie! a must see! we loved it!). oh, and mitch was feeling better enough to go to the movie, too! yea! not back to normal, but well enough, he didn't want to miss it we had been planning this all week. in fact, we had to re-watch the first two bourne movies just to have them fresh in our minds and to be up to speed with this third one!

anyway, i digress. when we picked up the girls nani was lying on the stairs about to lose her dinner. luckily, mitch got her to the sink in time avoiding a large mess! nothing worse than having your child vomit on somebody else's carpet!

i guess, once someone gets well, somebody else gets sick. we couldn'y possibly have a sick free day this week, could we??!!

i'm definately asking for an extension on our vacation time here in newport beach!!! we got jipped! sorry! i am just so done with this! someone has been sick everyday since tuesday!!


Rachel's Roost said...

So reminds me of a family vacation we took when I was about 13, we just passed the stomach flu around and around and around until we'd all had it. I threw up on the front steps to the grand canyon visitor's center. Such memories. . .

Bridget said...

Great minds think alike. We saw the Bourne Ultimatum last night too. Also loved it. So sorry you guys have been sick. What a drag!
BTW, any offers on your house?

Merilee said...

I agree with Bridget, Chris and I saw Bourne last night too. Crazy!

All this sickness will be a great story in a few years.

Amanda said...

We have had some one sick since we left Utah. T vomited in Wal-Mart this morning. Lucky me.

Anyway, glad to hear that you enjoyed the movie! We just watched the first one, and plan on watching the second this week so we can go and see the movie this weekend! So excited.